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A Celebration of Women™

is excited to Celebrate the Life of this awakened soul, a woman that has walked the walk and is now here to help the Women of our World do the same, Awaken to the truth that YES WE CAN, make a Difference!

Her motto in life is: “To Unite Everyone in Our Planet with LOVE”




Susana E. de Pereda

My Vision, Purpose and Goals in my life is to empower Men and Women Worldwide to become more assertive and aware that we are all “Unique and Special” and Belief in ourselves. There is nobody like you! We all have an Story to Tell, Be Passionate of Who you are Have the Vision and Purpose to become what you Want to Be NOW!!!!


Let us Make a Difference Together!


Now in 2012 let us all have one Motto

“To Unite Everyone in Our Planet with LOVE”


Show people that you care, help 2 to 3 people daily; it can be with an smile.

Let them know that we want to Make a Difference and ask them to do the same “Pay it Forward daily” just like that we all together YES WE CAN, make a Difference!

No more wars, we dont need more wars, we need to understand each other that.

We are all equal, different background YES,

But we all have the same desires and simple needs, like having a place to sleep each night, food to eat daily, health and happiness.

Let us show to others that we care for one another we are all human beings.

Remember this, when you care and help someone else, you will receive positive things in your life called “Law of Karma” … same applies if you do the wrong thing, you will get it back 10 times more.


I urge you to make a difference make an effort to smile or help 3 people daily and ask them to pay it forward!

Let us work together to Make a Difference Now and for years to come.



I AM in People’s Skills & Spiritual Business, I Am a Teacher and I love everyone regardless where you come from, language, skills or gender….We are all the same, created Equal, Unique and Specials.

I am a mother with one son, Leonardo, with three grandchildren; Theo of 4 yrs old, Felix 3 yrs and Veronica of 20 months Unconditional Love is what I offer and I receive 10 fold in return.

We must remember this;

“Today is the Only Day we have; “Tomorrow … is another “Today”

Maybe we all have to look inside and stay still…..and find Our Real Purpose for ourselves and How this purpose can contribute to the world……lots of love God bless you Professor Susana E. de Pereda Perth Australia.

Let us Work Together to Make a Difference let’s follow the principles of God with them we can live a better & happy life! I personally don’t do to others what I don’t like to be done to me” and so forth.

My Purpose and Vision in Life … has been always till today to learn from everyone their lessons and failures and by that token, I can keep inspiring and empowering everyone around me.

International Life Guide, Life Coach.
Counseling and Healing Services for all areas including Emotional, Physical &          Spiritual areas.
Pranic Healing Therapist/Practitioner.
Reiki Master, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
International Life Guide, Life Coach.
Counseling ,Healing Services within the Emotional, Physical & Spiritual areas.
Professor, Teacher, Journalist, Speak English, Spanish and all the Latin Languages. Also I am a Healer, Clarvoyant, Medical Intuitive Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Teaching Life Purpose’s from young people to all ages. My purpose and vision in life is to make a difference with everyone regardless where they come from, or religion.

Teaching Life Spiritual and Communication Skills to become what people wish to accomplish within their Soul, Mind and Body Skills. I am a Silva Mind Therapist, and Spiritual, Medical & Intuitive Teacher.

I realized it that in my life I have used many hats in my professional career and the most important thing here is not what I am capable doing and sharing it with you simply is who I Am and what I represent today.
“I represent every woman in the Planet, we all have had experiences or lessons that were personal or we learnt from others and thus what Make Us strong and sensitive Women to help everyone that come across.

My Passion, Love and Goals in my life are to Make a Difference to everyone Daily.

That is that I admire so much A Celebration of Women™ because there are women from every part of the Planet with same passion, and love their vision of “Equality of Women Among Women”.

I love people and I always put my shoes in their shoes …never Judge.”
ENJOY THE JOURNEY for heaven’s sake!
Susana E. de Pereda
Perth Area, Australia
Professional Training & Coaching

• Chairman & CEO LIFE GUIDE INTERNATIONAL at 1989 – 2010
• Chairman, Founder & CEO of Life Guide International at LIFE GUIDE INTERNATIONAL
• Worked in the Government from 1973 to 1987
• Thereafter I had my own businesses
• Freelance Journalist and Interpreter/Translator (English/Spanish and viceversa)
• Regional Manager at L’AROME INTERNATIONAL
• Universidad de la República
• CERT III of Telecommunications
• Institute of Technology



Susana Ethel de Pereda
Aust 08 9306 2889
Int +61 89306 2889


A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this awakened, wonderful woman into our Alumni with open arms, and is filled with Gratitude she is here to now help the Women of our World.



Brava Susana!


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