Capitulation as an Action

We thought that word might grab Your Attention …!

Capitulation (Lat. capitulum, a little head or division; capitulare, to treat upon terms), an agreement in time of war for the surrender to a hostile armed force of a particular body of troops, a town or a territory.

Let’s look at a variety of definitions from a number of spiritual teachers to make sure we’re very clear on what surrender is all about.

The traditional sense of surrender includes a sense of loss and defeat, a place of weakness and inability, a choice to end the experience and exit the journey. In a spiritual context, surrender means something very different. It’s something applied while fully engaged with the experience rather than an end to it.

In short, to end all resistance; to give up; to go along with or comply; may imply compliance with an enemy or to end all resistance because of loss of hope.

‘She argued, hollered so long that I finally capitulated just to make her stop.’
If surrender is so important, what is it, really?

Living through any form of recovery, be it emotional or physical, there will be a surrendering required for a complete walk through the experience. One cannot walk around issues, we must walk through them. To achieve this journey, one must surrender and simply walk step by step.

Surrender. It is easily one of the most important aspects of spirituality. It is synonymous with letting go and allowing. The hallmark of surrender is the giving up of resistance. It’s a being transparent to energy that is passing through you.

Aligning with Life Purpose through Inner Guidance requires a special type of active participation. This participation can be called Spiritual Surrender.

Spiritual Surrender is not capitulation (giving up), giving over, or giving in. It is an active and willing decision to participate with grace.

Spiritual Surrender is an internal ACTION. It is not passive. It requires intention. It requires will.

Many associate surrender with being forced by a situation to give up. The point of Spiritual Surrender is that it is voluntary. This means that we are in no way diminished by doing it. It is a powerful act, like being able to float instead of thrashing and struggling. Spiritual Surrender leads to release; a form of freedom. It is about freeing ourselves to pursue what we know to be of the greatest importance.

  • What do you need to give up to do it?

Spiritual Surrender requires relaxing any and all resistance to What Actually Is. Relaxing resistance allows us to be Present with a situation without making anything up about it. We enter willingly into the unknown, fully open to Guidance, free to respond.

What we are surrendering is resistance based on personal problems. Resistance is futile. Resisting resistance strengthens it. Surrendering resistance magically evaporates futility.

  • What we are surrendering to is actuality/reality–without assumptions and resistance?
  • How do we also surrendering to positive influence?

In Surrender we release denial. Releasing denial means giving up a chunk of ignorance to receive information about how things really are and how they can work. Surrendering ignorance for enlightenment begins right where we are NOW, as we ARE, in our current circumstances.

Spiritual Surrender is an antidote for vanity and other forms of egotism. This type of surrender is not associated with shame. Shame is one more thing to surrender. Humility means we do not have to feel better or worse than anyone and remain open to discovery. This undefended, natural and balanced state invites compassionate insight and Guidance.

Spiritual Surrender is also a method of purification. [Releasing resistance, denial, shame, and assumptions cleans up our energy considerably].

Receiving Guidance requires unbiased receptivity. In the realm of Guidance, Spiritual Surrender is a tremendous asset. Practicing it allows us to get opinions, beliefs, judgements, reactions, and other obstructions to pure Guidance out of the way so we can allow new information to reach us.

  • What do YOU resist?
  • How does this resistance impact your ability to receive Guidance?
  • Have you ever practiced Spiritual Surrender?
  • What have you discovered by learning to get out of the way?

Does the Divine need to ‘argue,holler’ to get your attention?

The Universe will go to any length so to assist one to stay on the right path and fulfill their destiny. Take Action!

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