BE the Desert Flower in your life!

The Journey of Recovery from any challenge in life is one that carries with it the most private and personal growth experience in life, and believing that You are No Longer Alone while in the desert, is key.

Most desert wildflowers lead a near-solitary existence. The beauty of a desert flower, the strength it exudes and the colour it shares is like Light in the Darkness….how could anyone not appreciate the wonder of it all!

BE the desert flower in Your Recovery!

“Let us define what is the desert experience of the soul.

When a soul experiences a time period where it can not sense God or the condolences of God, it is said to be undergoing a desert experience. This is also known as a dry period or a period of dryness.

During periods of dryness, we do not feel the presence of God and at times wonder if he has left us alone to ourselves. It is during these times that God grants us special graces to help us to grow spiritually while always being with us, but unnoticed.

Some desert experiences have oasises, where we do sense God and feel his love of us for a short period within a larger desert experience. These oasises help us not to lose heart, prehaps see some of the growth that we have experienced during a desert journey, and rejuvenate us to continue on the journey. Mass or receipt of the Holy Eucharist often serves as an oasis for desert experiences. My Soul is the Thirsting for the Living God.

Let us consider how we can grow during these desert times. Often we do not appreciate what we have while we have it. To gain an proper appreciation we often have to lose that for which we should value and be thankful.”

by T. A. Stobie, S.F.O.





“O Most Loving God,

Thank You for all that You do for me, whether I see it or not.

Grant me a deep thirst for You Lord in my soul, driving me to seek a fuller union with You.

May my life witness Your love to all those around me. Give me the grace never to lose faith in you, trusting in You to always satisfy my needs and be with me.

Provide oasises on my journey to rejuvenate me during the journey, brief periods where I do feel your condolences and graces refreshing me for further journeying.

Grant me, dear Lord, that during desert experiences, I may grow in faith, hope, and love while trusting in Your infinite love for me.”



My Soul journeys towards God ,

sometimes travelling in a desert where I can not sense God.


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