7-Eleven Shops in Thailand join efforts to end violence against women


As part of the national campaign to stop violence against women in Thailand, 7-Eleven will soon join in the efforts to combat the issue by accepting complaints on violence against women before forwarding them to authorities, as well as assisting women who need help.

The operator of 7-Eleven, CP All, the Office of the Attorney General, the Royal Thai Police, the Foundation for Women, and the Hotline Center Foundation are joining hands to help reduce violence against women in the Thai society.

From Thai Women’s Day, August 1st, onwards, over 6,600 branches of 7-Eleven throughout the country will accept complaints of violence cases against women and forward them to agencies in charge. The shops will also provide immediate assistance and contact related authority for help.

Participating branches will place in front of their shops stickers stating phone numbers of police stations and related agencies.

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