“Often in the linear some may find their paths dominated by opinions and actions of others. Making your choices are an important part of reality creation. If others are allowed to participate with such force, there may be disruptions in the growth of your life.

We are not speaking of relationships where the energy ebbs and flows smoothly. These collaborations and partnerships are valuable. We are speaking of those who would rob you of your own free will.

It is important to always keep the energy between yourselves and others free flowing. If you are a parent, teaching your children to make solid choices is the best tool you can give them.

If you are considering your self in this dialogue, it would be valuable to begin a practice of clear choice making. This would include valuing ultimately making choices for yourself.

Many feel they have already caused much disruption in their lives by poor choice making. The good news is that one can always remedy any situation by getting clear and choosing wisely.

You do not have to be victim to the past choices. Allow yourself to acknowledge and move forward with confidence. Your reality is always available for alteration. Just decide to make different choices. The results may amaze you.

You are a soul having a physical experience. Do not always expect perfection, but always be clear with your choices. Make choices yourself.

Ultimately you will prevail in a better reality.”

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