The Power Of Love – Simple Ways To Live A Better Life,

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~ Buddha

Know yourself, accept yourself, appreciate and love yourself for there is no greater gift you can give to yourself than the gift of love, the gift of self love. It may not be always easy but it’s worth your time, it’s worth your energy and it’s definitely worth your effort for that is how you’ll discover how to be happy, that is how you’ll discover what real happiness is all about and that is how you’ll discover really simple and powerful ways to live a better life. This is what I call the power of love, the power of self love and this power is available to you for as long as you’ll live. Make good use of it and don’t let it go to waste.

I will now step back in order for you to enjoy the beauty and the transformational power of these magical, inspiring and empowering words. Enjoy!

“Be sincere with yourself but not harsh,

Acknowledge your feelings in their depth

But also soothe them with the kind touch of compassion

Start your day with gratitude and bless it wholeheartedly,

And at night sink into your being peaceful and relaxed,

Deep within lies a solution to any situation

Walk through life with your head high, but without arrogance,

You are unique but so is everyone else,

There is no high or low

Discover your song, it has been written only for you

And encourage others to hear theirs too,

Your melody is sublime to your heart and when you hear it,

You will also love the songs that others sings

Hurt none wilfully, whether human, animal or plant,

Just as you do they all feel the same pain

And they all aspire to the same happiness

Listen to all and appreciate their advice

But remember that ultimately your heart will guide you

Your heart in harmony with your mind and body is your teacher

And saviour so endeavour to keep it free of dust,

No need to harbour enmity: it will only hurt you in the long run,

If someone has hurt you acknowledge the pain, but, friend remember,

That we are all capable to inflict pain

So forgive if you want to be forgiven

Say no when required, change location if you no longer belong there,

But, when you move on carry with you above all the memory of the love that once was,

If you choose to remember only the hurt,

It will weigh you down and make your new path ever so tiresome

The atoms that make your body are of the same nature of every creation in the universe.

They dance like light waves in infinite empty space,

They are like love without frontiers.

Let your mind be like that empty space,

Serene and unburdened by stagnant memories

And let your heart shine like joyful waves of light

Reaching the whole universe and beyond, beyond, beyond.”

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