We are both nothing and everything. This is a deep thought for you to meditate upon. What changes neutral energy? What intensifies it? Neutral energy is constantly being emitted by the Source of all creation and simultaneously changes form and power.

There are different schools of thought regarding good and evil. How can a human be the bird singing and at the same time act out as a greedy and unkind soul indifferent to the suffering of others?

The answer is both simple and complicated. It is actually the thinking and confused mind of humans that make it complicated and convoluted. Everything is energy … this is an obvious fact. Energy is clothed in multiple forms. Many of the forms contain intelligence varying in degrees of conscious awareness.

Depending on the form, the amount of light it contains, the degree of intelligence, the intention and the vibration it emits will determine whether it ‘appears’ as good or not good. The stronger our individual spiritual light, the more positive the possibility in sustaining a balanced state of mind without dark forces working to undermine our mind, body and soul.

If the human has a diminished light within, meaning the God spark is limited or inactive; the emotional part of that human usually rules the thoughts, feelings and actions. This has absolutely nothing to do with the level of intelligence. The output is determined by what is occurring within the soul of the human.

Many souls are damaged by severe trauma or another form of jarring that threw them off spiritual balance. Until they regain the fullness of their soul nature and increase their light vibration, all forms of havoc may and will occur.

It is typical for someone with a damaged soul, which indicates they have temporarily loss conscious power, to blame others for their situation. They will look elsewhere for help not realizing that the blame lies in their subconscious memories, the data bank of the soul. The pain and loss intensifies if an earth bound invisible lost soul or elemental decides to attach itself to the human who is suffering emotional damage.

Attachments of lower forces may occur through drugs, alcohol, depressed states of mind and any form of non-productive negative activity. Openings are created that attract energy that is not pure in its intent. Some of the energy is absolutely malevolent because its only desire is to gain control of the human form. This is not a difficult feat because many humans have weak wills or emotional imbalances.

The answer is in accepting the fact that energy in its original state is neutral and can take any form … positive or negative. It is mind that determines the substance and action of the energy that is available to it. If a human is filled with fear and the emotions are damaged either by accident or deliberately, the subconscious must be healed. In other words, going into denial about your own imbalances or another’s will not solve or heal the problem.

Most people have some form of attachment they have attracted either innocently or through choice. More knowledge is needed by a soul as to the seriousness of their thoughts. Ask yourself, what is the origin of my thoughts? What is the purpose of my thought?

Do my thoughts reflect who I am? Thoughts actually become things. This means if they are repeated enough a form is created that is forced to manifest in a way that can work against your good. The truth of this fact cannot be taken lightly. Repetition of positive thoughts creates well. Remember, energy originally is neutral.

If you are experiencing thoughts that do not reflect how you think of your true self, stop and examine them. If you are aware of manipulation of your energy, you must deliberately increase the God light within. This is successful done in surrender, gratitude and love using prayer and meditation. With the added power of increased God light, determination and holding your focus, you can become a powerful generator that will act as a shield against intruders such as lost souls and wandering evil thoughts looking for a home in your force fields.

You are the one who must take responsibility and remove the energy.

I repeat … you attracted it either accidentally or by desire. Nothing just happens to happen. Be alert regarding any undesirable changes in your behavior and interests. You still have the power to remove it. If you keep waiting hoping it will disappear, you are delusional. It is a force that you must meet head on. You meet it with your mind and then bring the desire down to your heart and heal it. Admitting that you allowed yourself to be vulnerable is part of the healing. The entire experience may be also created to force you to wake up and be consciously your true spirit Self, the light of God made manifest in form.


Shirlee Hall, July 2012


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Friday, 7 PM, July 27th at the Sohmar Massage School in Downers Grove, IL.

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