Female Afghan Official Assassinated

Afghan Women Murdered



RAWA: Some Afghan women who have been murdered in the past few years
(L to R): Shaima Rezayee, May 18, 2005 Malalai Kakar, September 28, 2008 Zaki Zaki, June 6, 2007
Second Row: Sitara Achakzai, April 12, 2009 Safia Amajan, September 25, 2006 Shokiba Sanga Amaaj, June 1, 2007

Afghan women are killed for demanding their rights

A few of the women who have been killed or threatened for daring to demand their rights.


Female Afghan Official Assassinated

Hanifa Safi, a provincial head of women’s affairs, was assassinated on Friday in Afghanistan. Safi was driving with her husband and daughter when a car bomb exploded, killing Safi and leaving her husband in a coma. Safi was the department head for women’s affairs in the Laghman province, and was a prominent advocate for women’s rights in Afghanistan. No group has taken responsibility, but a government official attributed the attack to “enemies of the people.” As the Los Angeles Times reports, the phrase “enemies of the people” is often used to describe the Taliban or other insurgent groups.

The assassination occurred in the midst of a rise in violence against women in Afghanistan. Last week a woman was executed publicly because of an accusation of adultery. The murder was carried out by a known member of the Taliban and captured on video. Afghan schoolgirls have also been the targets of violence; three attacks since April have threatened the lives and education of Afghan girls. The Taliban is thought to be the perpetrator of these attacks as well.

The rise in violence has sparked concerns from Afghan women and advocacy groups. Afghan women have been regaining basic rights since the Taliban lost power in 2006, but fear that these rights will be lost as the threat of violence and the Taliban rises.


Safi is the second provincial head of women’s affairs to be assassinated. In 2006, Safia Amajan, the provincial director of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs in Kandahar, was killed by gunmen outside of her home. There is speculation that she was killed in retaliation for her outspoken support of women’s rights and her work opening schools for women in Afghanistan. Amajan had unsuccessfully requested bodyguards and secure transportation from the Afghan government; at the time of the attack, she was getting into a taxi to go to work.

Equality of Women Among Women

is the only solution to any sustainable positive global change in our world, as also quoted below by; The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)



“Afghanistan’s Women spent another year under the burden of occupiers, dominance of a Jehadi-Mafia government and terror of the Taliban, the result of which was an increase in poverty, homelessness, immigration, loss of dear ones, domestic violence, rape, self-immolation, a high maternal and infant mortality rate and thousand other miseries.

According to figures from the UN, almost 5000 cases of violence against women were recorded last year, though the actual figure is several time higher than this. The last ten years of US and NATO occupied Afghanistan has been a burning hell for women and young girls who have been raped or gang-raped. According to a report of the European Union there are tens of women in jails who are rape victims but are imprisoned for being a “criminal”; rapists are high-ranked government officials or people related to them and Afghanistan’s corrupt judiciary made up of a number of stone-aged clerics can’t deal with or prosecute them.

According to the State of the World’s Mothers 2011 report fifty mothers die every day in Afghanistan while giving birth, something that doesn’t hold the slightest importance in the eyes of the treacherous Afghan government officials, minister and ministry of women’s affairs, decoration pieces in the parliament, NGOs and finally the US and west, that occupied Afghanistan under the pretext of women’s rights.   READ FULL SPEECH …”

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) on the International Women’s Day announces to all the women in Afghanistan that our freedom from the grasp of foreign occupiers, Northern Alliance mafia, vicious Taliban and other anti-women elements, is only achievable by our unity and struggle. It is impossible that domestic violence, rape, beating and self-immolation among women be ended by seminars or some discussions of the NGOs.

It is only attainable by the organization of women of all ethnic backgrounds and tribes into an anti-fundamentalist movement against the occupation.


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