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Miracles Instead

When my grand daughter was a little girl, there was a crystal hanging in my living room and it cast a rainbow on the wall. She walked over to the rainbow and marveled at the colors it produced.. Of course I knew where the image came from, but to her little mind, the rainbow on the wall was magic.

On the Discovery Channel, there was a program about a man who was attacked by a great white shark. During this attack, a school of dolphins came and rescued him by placing themselves between the man and the shark, thus saving the mans life. During the program, a woman who studies the action of dolphins explained that this was highly unlikely, as the dolphins were probably just protecting their babies from being attached by the shark. Which do you believe?

The problem of giving everything a scientific or physical interpretation is this; it leaves out the mystical. When we do not leave our mind open for mystical Help, we only receive the help we believe is going to show up. Our mind is so full of what we believe we know we have not left room for new possibilities, which the mystic within would provide if we did not already believe we understood everything.

The mystic is the one who blesses, and can perform miracles. She is the one who can see beyond the physical benefits of an herb, and blend the magic that runs through the veins of a plant with the magic running through her veins to intensify the healing power of the herb. Of course, this is a natural mystical ability, not commonly respected in the scientific community because it cannot be “proven.” Of course, neither can the benefits of moms chicken soup.

The mystic is the one who sees the connection in all life. She is not limited by what she physically sees, and is committed to seeing beyond the false memories learned in the past. She understands there is a rhythm to life, and a natural flow. When she is off course, she is out of alignment with her mystical memories and can become ill, or depressed. This is a sign she is not honoring her Self. Once she returns the honor to the mystic nature, the rhythm of flow is restored.

It is not easy to learn the ways of the mystic. It takes time, patience, and there are many mistakes that are made along the way. Because she is an eternal student of mysticism, she learns the body language that defines unnatural health when she is out of alignment with this nature. She learns not to be fooled by physical interpretations, which offer physical understanding and would silence the internal mystic. She questions everything, and continually asks for guidance, as she knows taking steps without Internal Guidance leads to unnatural consequences.

Once the role pf understanding the mystical has been accepted, it is impossible to ignore. As consciousness expands to accept these ancient memories, dreams, visions, and a desire to give a message and have it be heard begins to fill the mind. The mystic wants someone to hear, but she also recognizes there is a path that must be followed. Until she learns how to follow this path, and stay on it without straying, her message will fall on deaf ears.

It takes time to learn this language, as it is not one spoken or understood in physical world. It is communication that comes directly from the heart, and not from a brain that analyzes everything. It is not a popular path, and one not commonly accepted as having meaning or value in the physical world.

It is impossible to physically interpret the language of the mystic because it is an ancient language that is beyond the boundaries physical time set on the lives of men. This is a language the physical mind ignores because a physical explanation is better a mystical one. This is the language that is filled with the wonder of a child who sees rainbows on the wall, and connects a man to something greater than himself, because he knows his life was saved by dolphins.

We are all on this mystical path, but many have not realized it yet. Redefining the mystical into the physical is almost over. The last physical interpretation is to define why God made the Universe. Is it possible for this to be understood without asking the Eternal why? Should we be satisfied with physical interpretations when we have it within our grasp to give our faith to miracles, which will re-interpret everything we believe we understand into the mystical?

It is time to return to our mystical roots and restore our connection to everything in the Universe. Physical understanding does not have roots in the eternal; miracles do. This is not anything we can do physically, because we believe and place our faith in physical interpretations. Wouldn’t it be better and have a happier outcome if we placed our faith in miracles instead?

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