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is elated to Celebrate the Life of this powerhouse of spirit.

This woman has risen above one of the darkest experiences a human being can live through as a child;

the “Loss of Innocence” before the “Age of Reason”.

Taking all her strength, this trail blazer found her own Light, her own Path to Healing and is now here to help the Women of our World.


Stone Faure


Stone Faure, affectionately called “Stone Love”, has resided in the San Francisco Bay Area all her life. She is evolving into the woman the little girl in her has always wanted to be. Through her writing she has discovered the path to her “Strength and Calm™”.  Sharing her heart of experiences has connected her to her lifeʼs cause. Stone has witnessed the transformational power of her writing as a trajectory into her spiritual wealth. Through her expression in pen, she has reached thousands of hearts in silence and offered a voice of solace.

Stone has 5 grown daughters and a grown son. Her birth of experience has appreciated into a compassion that allows an esteemed awareness of people as individuals. Her current professional accomplishments include Published Author, International Speaker, and Certified Group Coach.

Due to Stone’s outstanding professional sales and service skills, she was promoted to management after only 8 months of service in the residential devision of AT&T. An unpresedented move because AT&T requires “Time & Title.” (Service of at least 14 months in the same position before any movement within the company.) Stone was recognized and promoted to management by Jody Garcia, Regional Vice President.

Stone also earned and enjoys the proud designation of “Presidents Club Member,” awarded by Ed Whitacre, former chairman of AT&T. Stone has also been honored with the distinction of the “Leaders of Success Award.” Ultimately being named one of the top three sales professionals in the state of California by Pacific Bell, Residential Northern Service Center.

With all her corporate alcaldes, Stone has never lost her love for writing.

Stone has been religiously writing in her personal journals for over 20 years. Compiling several poems and short stories. Her first public piece was in response to the death of a dear friends son shortly after his birth. Readers found the poem so touching, they began to solicit Stone to write personalized poetry for them as well. To this day, Stone continues to write personalized poetry for her clients and close friends. Her readers have also encouraged her to pursue a professional career in writing. Taking that advice, she sought out a writing coach and began to master her craft.

Stone believes her strength in writing come from sharing her truths with honesty and vulnerability. These are the core values that lead to best selling author.

Stoneʼs professional transferable skill have helped her to become a moving speaker and motivating certified group coach. Stoneologys business values and mission are in alignment with the same integrity, honesty and vulnerability she displays in her writing.

She surmises that a contemplative reflection breeds wisdom, feeds the spirit and hones the lessons of life.

As the originator of Stoneologys™ & The Psychological Archeologist™ I work with women to gently unveil the spiritual gem that is authentically them.Like an excavator, I work with men to reveal the unique stone of wisdom that lives within him.

I see you. I listen to you.

We work to go beyond the psychological clutter. You become forever awakened to the consciousness of your own brilliance. Your precious stone’s wisdom is crystalized with your natural projection.

STONEOLOGYSʼ basic philosophy on coaching is simply to change your definition.

You see its our own individual definition that debilitates and defeats us.
No matter what the subject is, Death, Divorce, Down Sizing, Empty Nester or what ever.

Itʼs also true that our own definition congratulates and completes us.

As your coach, I will support you in transforming your thoughts into a definition that supports your best agenda. You can make a difference in your own life by just changing the way you process information. Changing your definition will change your meaning of life.

The ultimate goal of STONEOLOGYSʼ is to congratulate the completed YOU.

  • Congratulations for being you. NO right now, congratulations for being you.
  • Congratulations on wanting a coach to teach you best practices.
  • What else would you expect a coach to do? Reach your desired potential right~
  • Considering your vast potential, I will coach you to practice being your best YOU.
  • Sound complicated? Just think of your high school coach. She would help you reach
    your potential by practicing and working out the best part of YOU.


Changing your definition will change your meaning of life.


Her own testimony of her molestation at the age of 5, though she told no one until after she was an adult will have you freely opening your arms in empathy…however, Stone is no victim by any means and shares with you how you can turn your life around if you so boldly choose. She shares her story on how being molested as a child affected her spirituality and relationship to the world as a woman. In her efforts to help men and women reveal the spiritual healing to themselves, she developed a program called, “Speak and Heal”.

Stone Faure, also known by her affectionate moniker: Stone Love, has the ability to capture your attention straight away and, your heart. She is an awesome speaker, author and motivator.

Stone also has a concept which she calls: R.A.P. which stands for Recognizing, Appreciating and Participating in your Spiritual Gifts, which she believes we all possess.

She is the author of the book: “Stoneologys – A Loving Perspective in Solid Wisdom“.

Her story is featured in March Engle’s book: Amazing Woman – What’s Your Story?

Then there are her dvds’, You Tube videos as well as a variety of insights, quotes, poems and interesting articles for your self growth and spiritual journey. She also finds delight in coaching others. To say she is a “Jill of all Trades” is quite an understatement, as she is the “Master of Achieving the Best in YOU”.

I Am a Woman Of Action™because:

“I gave voice the molested baby girl inside of me. She had silenced by hurt and shame for 40 years. I listened to my intuition and began to make strength based decisions. I now respond from my spiritual brilliance. A presence that is opposite from the physical. I learned to recognize my spiritual gifts so that I can share them prosperously. As the founder of Stoneologys Inc., I now mentor women in identifying their spiritual gifts so they can use them powerfully and lovingly in their lives.”

Stone’s Favorite Video

FIND STONE HERE:!/stonlove

“The truth will set you free and soar your personal and business possibilities.”




‎”Stone Love is a women who has risen from the fears of her past and has transformed them through her own self exploration. It is through the discovery of her authentic self and the self Love of herself to herself that has given her the ability to touch souls at the very core of their heart weather they are in her physical presents of not.” “There is something powerful and transformative when you stand before Stone Love she is a true journeyman and because of this she is able to assist you in uncovering your own inner Love”
— Reverend Danni Daniela, Beverly Hills, California

A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this Amazing Woman into our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION with open arms.

Brava Stone!


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