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is honored to Celebrate the Life of yet another wonderful powerhouse that is trailing a new path acting as Power of Example for all the women of our world. Rising above her own challenges of Self Esteem and seeking our the ways of Self Help, she is now genuinely desiring to be a ‘catalyst for others’ still caught in the Illusion of UN-Worthy.


Marianne Funny


Marianne Funny is a wife, a mom, a friend, a confidante and a joyful person of the universe. But it was not always this way. For decades Marianne has been reading, studying and applying the techniques suggested by many self-help writers. With the help of their insights, she has come to understand the power of the mind.

She needed to heal herself in order to be an emotionally healthy role model for her children. Thirty years of journaling her progress and process has facilitated that and brings her to where she is today.

Thirty years of reading, studying as if she were in a class, brings her to a place of knowing that techniques are the key to change. Doing the work. Thirty years of emptying her mind of disempowering thoughts and then filling it up with empowering patterns of thoughts.

Marianne believes in ‘self-help’ because who she is today is a wiser person. And having had a healing experience, she now wants to spend the second half of her life sharing her story, genuinely desiring to be a ‘catalyst for others’ healing journeys.


In her own words: “Like many of us who have had to overcome personal obstacles of UN-Worthiness.

After growing up in a family where emotion was suppressed, after years in a marriage with a miserable man, Marianne Funny began her journey and fed the wolf of self-discovery and healing.

Often amusing, sometimes sad, but always poignant, Marianne reveals 30 years of reading, analyzing, adopting and practicing techniques and tools from a plethora of self-help best-selling authors.

Hence my book Diary of a self-help Junkie. I have taught myself to control my thinking. I have reinvented myself.

The bottom line is we are responsible for how we feel. We can chose to turn any situation around to empower us or we can chose to let it defeat us. The more healthy minded , take charge individuals we have on this planet the more we are able to be a force for taking care of the things that really matter, like children dying of starvation and disease.

It is impossible for me to sit back and do nothing. So I started where I was, I self-published my healing story. A very short part of it as I have been a diarist my entire life. I am now 60. I made a decision to heal my mind of dysfunctional woo is me thinking.

As a healthy minded woman who has raised three children, assisted my husband in his business, volunteered on the PTA; as well as being president of a non-profit volunteer gym club in an area of town that needs recreation, I have been a caretaker of my ailing father, support ICROSS International community for the Relief of starvation and Suffering.

I know first hand the difficulties of getting containers of medical supplies into dangerous areas and the corruption that is involved. I admire William Willbond–chairman of Icross Canada Inc., who takes new fees for his much needed efforts.

The real heros in my eyes are the folks working on the front lines in dangerous zones, bringing food to the starving people.

Yes, Action is needed by us all. We also must be cautious to not over extend our energies. This has been a lesson I had to learn the hard way through burn out. When I slip back into my old default thinking habit of I am not worthy, I can now recognize that quickly and switch to a new thought of ‘I am wonderful’.
VIDEO * In honor of all women that need to Say: I AM WONDERFULMusic video by Gary Go performing Wonderful. (C) 2008 The Canvas Room under exclusive licence to The Decca Music Group Ltd.

Now having techniques, such as meditation, daily walks, mantram (my thought stopper) affirmations, inspirational reading, laughter yoga, regular yoga, etc., I am balanced in my direction of energy. I assume that is for most of us that have a desire to “do something”.

Once healed, we do need to teach what we have learned. It seems to be a natural order of events to heal and than to share the healing in order to be a guide to others.

I am a person with a message of healing and having to share this story makes me part of many many others who take pen to paper or fingers to typewriter and share. WE all learn from each other.

I would be happy to drop the book to you. ”



Hugh Reilly and Daniel Katz speak with: the mysterious Vanessa about life, the universe, and everything; author Marianne Funny on her book, Diary of a Self-Help Junkie, and why in the future people won’t use self-help books; journalist and author Ben Antao on his approach to writing “literature” and the story of why he chose Canada.

  • Have you read self-help books looking for answers?
  • Did you find your answers quickly?
  • Were you transformed right away?
  • No?

Well, there is a reason for that – and you’ve heard it before.

There are no quick fixes!

But Diary of a Self-Help Junkie can help. You’ll see the ups and downs, the twists and turns that Marianne took as she discovered how to be a happy and loving person.

Diary of a Self-Help Junkie is Marianne Funny’s passage through the world of self-help writers, the likes of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Louise Hay, and many others. You can follow Marianne as she takes pieces from each guru and makes it her own.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Marianne wants you to find a flashlight, start with a book that touches a core within you and begin the journey of finding yourself.


Speaking Engagements

Marianne’s message is one of Hope. She believes that sharing her journey will help you to find your way to a joyous and peaceful life.

Her’s has been a lifetime process of turning leamons into lemonade with situations she is not able to side step. Today, with her training, she now knows when to chuck the lemons and move on.

Effervecent, entertaining and effective, Marianne inspires and motivates audiences. Her first-hand experiences with self-help techniques, with what worked and what didn’t will encourage others to begin their journeys and find a way that works for them.


Marianne will be joining A Celebration of Women Foundation in Toronto, Canada on JUNE 10, 2012 at the TORONTO WOMEN’S EXPO.

Marianne Funny
PO Box 74512
Etobicoke, ON
M9A 3T0

Marianne loves getting handwritten notes, but if you’re more of a techno-buff please use the form below to tell her about your journey or book Marianne for your next event.


A Celebration of Women

welcomes this thriving spirit into our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION with open arms.

Brava Marianne!

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