YWM – Anthem Contest Mentorship Program



It is our pleasure to announce that A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc. will be supporting the creation and production of this winning song at a professional studio, with one of our very own, musical professional WOMEN of ACTION ( TBA ).

All Young Women that are engaging in this Contest that are seeking assistance or mentorship are welcome to send all musical, writing block and moral support questions through to Team Celebration through our CONTACT PAGE.

Young Women on the Move (YWM) is a powerful TDSB (Toronto District School Board) mentorship initiative for girls in Grades 3-12. Building on existing mentorship programs for girls, YWM empowers girls to become agents of positive change. YWM is a growing network of socially conscious young women supported by meaningful relationships with a strong community of mentors.

The Young Women on the Move (YWM) committee challenged the TDSB girls’ group to write and perform a new YWM anthem. The anthem should resonate with the experiences of the girls and must include the words Caring, Courageous, and Confident.


•Increase the awareness of issues relevant to young women

•Create spaces for young women to dialogue

•Foster healthy interpersonal relationships leading to social and academic success

•Keep young women engaged in and connected to school

•Proactively involve young women in social justice activities

•Empower young women to be agents of change

•Actively partner with community agencies and parents

The winners of the YWM anthem contest will be invited to perform at the year-end event on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at Camp Robin Hood.

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