VERONICA – To Pursue A Physical Life With Success …

To Pursue A Physical Life With Success…

“In the linear it is often the goal to achieve something. The denseness of physical often makes that a difficult endeavor.

Listening to one’s soulful energy is an opportunity to continue pursuing while struggling to be all one can be while living a life.

Of course there are many nuances associated with any linear endeavor: Past lives, past interactions, and present insecurities and emotions.

No matter what mix you are currently living, it is important to remember to persist in what your soul’s intentions are.

Listening clearly above all the chatter and noise is also essential. It takes focused energy to pursue a physical life with success. If you are met with failures, pick yourself up and try again. Often it is not the inadequacy of your soul but the physical density that makes it all appear impossible.

Know that your energy is sound.

Know that persistence will ultimately rule the day.

Realize how complex the experience is, and simply do not give up.

You designed the experience with success in mind. You are capable of that success.

Keep going.

Persevere without complaint. Use that energy to complete the task.

Keep going.

All that know your energy and who have known it are supporting you.

Keep going.”

YOU are the Artist of Your Life

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