The Great Miracle Share – Cheril Goodrich

Sharing the Wisdom of the Crone

The Great Miracle Share-Cheril Goodrich

The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to consciously define and expand on wisdom and information constantly being shared with us from the 4th dimension. The 4thdimension, also defined as time, is the home of nature. Our world shares its 3rdworld capacity with the 4th dimension, but because our world seems to lack the ability to “tune in” and communicate with the wisdom in time, we are constantly making mistakes that are not helpful to our world, or nature.

Nature cannot be defined or understood in the language we use to define the 3rd dimensional world. Nature is quiet, but our world is extremely noisy. Nature is peaceful, but our world is in extreme conflict. Yet our science attempts to define nature in a language that is so at odds with what is actually is, communication in the 4th dimension is impossible. Science wonders why it has not received answers to the probes it has sent out in the Universe an attempt to communicate with other species. It is because science cannot hear what is constantly being broadcast to it. If you do not understand how to speak the language of the Universe, how can you possibly expect to hear information that is being Universally shared? The dimension that will teach us how to communicate with the Universe is in the 4th dimension.

It is impossible for a lower understanding to give meaning to higher understanding. For instance, a janitor cannot give meaning to a corporate lawyer. The lawyer just doesn’t care how the janitor labels him, because the meaning in the information the janitor is providing the lawyer is meaningless. A janitor does not know how to practice law. By the same token, physical science does not understand Universal and dimensional science. It knows how to study it, but what it does not understand is how to communicate at this level because it lacks the ability to understand this level of integrity.

By the same token, the reason we do not relate to nature is because we do not consistently speak the language it speaks. There is wisdom in nature, as there is innate wisdom within our own emotional integrity. Although we inherently have the innate wisdom to communicate with nature, much of this wisdom has been set aside for the physical language that speaks in the language of belief. Although we believe in nature, in nature there is no such thing as belief, so how can we expect to commune in a dimension that does not speak our language? There is much to learn from the 4thdimension. The more that is learned, the more our world can share in the joy of communicating at the same level of nature. This is the purpose of The Great Miracle Share, to teach and the Language of Natural Unconditional Love.

Nature implies a language that is intuitive. But because we are 3rd dimensional physical beings, we see things in black and white, up and down, and investments that are materially secure. In nature, all investments are intuitive investments. This gives nature an advantage that we do not have. The birds know where to fly to get out of the cold, and animals naturally know where to go to find food and shelter. Inner knowing is a Universal Gift of Perfect Love. We have this Gift, but it is being wasted in an attempt to redefine get material gain first, by exploiting what can already be defined in nature. This has left out, or has created doubt, in the innate natural ability to intuitively know with certainty.

Although there is greater value in intuitively knowing, because we do not understand how to maximize the potential or possibilities in this innate wisdom, we have learned to invest in what we can materially see first. In other words, we are taught to trust what we can physically see before we believe it. By redefining what belief is for, new insight can be gained. But this goes completely against what we have been taught, but this why we do not live in harmony with nature. Nature is intuitive. If we operated at the intuitive level instead of a material one, we would never do anything that would harm nature, or anyone or anything. This is because we would be able to see value in everything. What did not have value would just cease to exist because we would no longer consciously support it. But this leaves a lot of questions that appear to be unanswered. Once again, the problem lies in what we believe is possible, and impossible.

Although we call intuition a gut feeling, it is actually a 4thdimensional ability we share in time with nature. Thus, it does not come from the “gut” of the body at all, but actually comes from the 4th dimension, where inner intuitive wisdom has been assigned. Learning to tell the difference between a body intuitive hunch, and a hunch that comes from the natural ability we share in time with nature is horse of another color.

The Crone Energy is a horse of the other color. It is the mature female presence that is honored in the 4th dimension because it is recognized as having conscious communicative intuitive value. The Crone Energy is how we have chosen to mature. We either choose to become a woman of wisdom, or choose to ignore our inner wisdom and continue to believe what we have learned in the past. One leads to a joyous expression of Love, and the other to bitter disappointment and death without meaning.

The Crone deserves honor and respect. She has left behind the spring and summer of her life, and has entered the autumn time. She has raised her children, and is ready to devote herself to rebirth, which will happen after the dark of winter. This is the time of deep inner reflection. It is a time of looking within to see when she chose material gain over intuitive wisdom in the past to survive in her younger years to protect her family. With her family raised, this burden has passed, and she can learn to begin again.

The Crone is a woman who no longer has a menstrual cycle. Her flow becomes inner flow that she maintains with the intuitive wisdom in nature. She learns to use everything from her past to redefine a new journey. This is not the journey of the body soul; it is the journey of the Goddess within. It is the journey to consciously define and understand natural dimensional wisdom. The wisdom of the younger body is set aside in honor of the greater wisdom of the Goddess or Crone Energy that crowns her head. Now her journey will take on greater meaning. Now she desires conscious ability to impact the whole world with her intuitive wisdom, and leave it a better place for a new generation.

The Crone Energy is a reflective energy. She looks at what she has learned in the past and asks for help refining what she intuitively understand. The first experience of her younger years only offered a taste of what she is capable of. What no longer has value can be put aside, and new value can be added to an experience to give it a natural flavor filled with joy. The Crone is a miracle, as only miracles can define natural intuitive wisdom.
The woman who honors her Crone Energy now learns to implement time for one purpose; to first heal herself of the imposing beliefs that she used in the past to define her life, and then share this wisdom with the world. She does not impose this information on others, as she understands her real power is not defined by what she does, but Who She Is.
Each step she takes on the journey of the Crone opens new doors of wonder and joy. As she learns to trust her OWN inner wisdom, she learns of a freedom she never dreamt was possible in her younger years. As she tunes into the new found time she has been given, she learns to see herself as One with the entire Universe. She now understands that she was never separate from the Wholeness of Love that defines the Universe, except that she believed this was possible.
She does not know it yet, but she is learning to direct nature and protect the world for future generations. She has found her purpose. Although she thought it was something else in her younger years, she understands now that her journey has just begun. She is now on a journey to find her Crone Energy and share it with the world.

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