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Imagine that you’re a victim of sexual assault.

For over a year, you’ve waited patiently for your assailant to come to justice. But now, because of bureaucracy, your assailant may go free of charge.

This is happening all over British Columbia, and it has to stop. »

In British Columbia, cases that last more than 18 months without a trial can be thrown out because of “unreasonable delay.” Currently, more than 2,500 pending cases have passed that 18-month mark and are in danger of being thrown out due to court backlogs.

The crisis is reaching a point where criminal cases involving death and sexual assault will be tossed along with more minor cases.

In addition, because courts have so little money for legal aid and staff, more people are appearing in court without a lawyer, which slows the legal process and increases the backlog further.

This problem is serious, but it has a simple solution.

Act now to tell B.C. Premier Christy Clark to allocate funds to help end the backlogs by hiring additional judges and legal staff. »

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Stop Horrific Court Backlogs in British Columbia
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