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Diane Longboat

Speaker of our Governing Council Diane Longboat, Kahontakwas, a Mohawk, Turtle Clan woman from Six Nations, is a ceremonial leader, traditional teacher of Indigenous spiritual ways and a healer. She is a professional educator, with a graduate degree in education and has taught and lectured at Universities in Canada and many national and international conferences and gatherings on the topics of spiritual renewal as the guiding force for nation building.

From 1976 to 1994, Diane was director of research programs and educational offices both provincially and nationally with First Nations organizations. Her leadership responsibilities at the Sacred Fire of the Great Peace (located at Six Nations) include conducting many ceremonies that minister to the needs of her people.

She does this not only for Indigenous people, but also those who respectfully seek spiritual direction to guide them on their journey through life.

Many dreams, visions and the cherished guidance of Elders have brought Diane to a place of deep spiritual commitment to the service of the Will and Words of the Creator for the rebirth of humanity and the renewal of Mother Earth.

The myriad of ceremonies and services offered by Diane and a dedicated group of spiritual leaders who have trained with her for almost two decades are now being housed in a non-profit organization to enable the work to receive donations from scores of individuals and allied foundations whose lives and work have been empowered by the connection to Natural Law and Spiritual Law blessed through the power and the presence of the Creator at the Sacred Fire of the Great Peace.

We have partners for the international work such as those named below: Children of the Earth Foundation for mentoring the World Spirit Youth Council Shaping New Worlds Foundation for sharing the ways of the circle through Council as a new way of governing, organizing and conflict resolution. Global Council for Indigenous Spirituality and Well Being a sub-group of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality for the application of new ways of being for humanity based on Sacred Law (governance, health, education, law, medicine etc.) World Wisdom Alliance for communication throughout the planet with organizations and individuals with common goals of restoring peace to bring balance to humanity through unity, brotherhood and love.

Origin of the initiative: As a child growing up on a farm at Six Nations, I had many dreams and visions of spirits that I did not understand. Christianization affected my family and I did not have the opportunity to learn my culture and seek the answers spiritually to the visions. In my teens my family became subject to poverty, family violence from alcoholism and abuse. My mother took three children into the city to hide from the abuse and start an new life. The visions stopped once I left the land.

In my later teens I began to attend ceremonies with Elders who brought me to an understanding of the meaning of life. They guided and taught me and I became balanced with healing. More visions came in 1990, 1992 and 1994 telling me to return to place where I was born to create a place of peace for the people where the Red People can become strong again and where all races of people can come to heal.
Generation Seven a private health care company in Canada to participate as traditional healers in their program. Irenic Peace Studies Program at the Graduate Institute in Milford, Connecticut to teach about the Great Law of Peace and ceremonial life of Indigenous peoples.

Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Ontario to teach a one year course on Indigenous healing practices with ceremony and time on the land. Centre For Nation Building in Akwesasne, Ontario for the philosophy and history of Indigenous reclamation of traditional government structures and models. These partnerships enable us to travel widely and offer our services to diverse groups of people and organizations. One meeting helps us connect to others.

Contact Information:

Diane Longboat Speaker of Iahkawennahniron and Ceremonial Leader IAHKAWENNAHNIRON-Having a Strong Spirit (a ceremonial group unfunded, private, non-incorporated) Box 721 OHSWEKEN, ONTARIO Canada

Tel: (905) 304-8388 and (905) 516-1766 Fax: (905) 765-7041 Email: [email protected]



A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this embodiment of spirit into our Alumni of Women Leaders that Care

with open arms and deep gratitude for the work she is doing for our Earth.


Brava Diane!



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