Ten Agreements for Evolving Women ~ FEB 6

Ten Agreements for Evolving Women

You are probably familiar with Margaret Mead’s inspiring quote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” But I find it even more powerful to think about how womencoming together can change the world.That’s why Mary Adams and I are offering our latest program, The Ten Agreements for Evolving Women, on The Shift Network—starting this Monday, February 6, at 8 PM EST/5 PM PT.

Because we know that at this moment in our history, women coming together in a new way will change the world.
Why? Because up until now in our culture, men have bonded together to innovate and create, while women have been primarily oriented toward men and children.

What happens when we actually let go of our old patterns and lean in to meet each other as partners in creating something new? That’s when an evolutionary sisterhood can be born.

The Ten Agreements for Evolving Women teaches you how to do just that—how to actually become a new kind of woman who can create a new world. It’s based on the 18 years that we women at EnlightenNext have been working together to pioneer a next step forward in women’s consciousness.

Our work has given birth to an evolutionary sisterhood—a radically different relationship between women. It happens when women take real steps to live our highest purpose and support each other in that. We become sources of strength and inspiration for each other. So that we each and all together can evolve!

Creating evolutionary sisterhood is the aim of The Ten Agreements for Evolving Women—a 10-week program for women who want to take the next step forward in themselves and in partnership with like-minded women.

Check out this clip from a recent call that Mary Adams and I did where we describe this new potential for our relationships with each other: http://ten-agreements.s3.amazonaws.com/ten-agreements-qa.htm

Join Mary and me this Monday, February 6 as we kick off the first session of the Ten Agreements for Evolving Women.Starts Monday, February 6, 2012
5:30 PM Pacific | 8:30 PM Eastern

Meet Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams

Your Own Transformation Must Come First

Many of us long for deeper transformation. This longing is not only personal; it’s a call from the future.

Evolution itself is compelling us towards a new womanhood. And at this extraordinary crossroads, we feel the pull of destiny, the desire to contribute in deeper and more meaningful ways at work, in our relationships, and to our world.

We often hear these days that women are going to change the world and that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for! But Elizabeth and Mary are saying something a bit different – that we women have to change ourselves in order to change the world.

Entrenched patterns in our psyches and culture that go back generations too often dog our attempts to move beyond the status quo. Even with the breakthroughs of the last fifty years, old impulses, desires and beliefs still largely dictate our identities as women.

While each one of us bears the weight of history, we also hold the potential to transform it.

Through actualizing higher values, developing deep trust in Life and unleashing your innate creativity, you can actually birth a new culture.

All of this becomes possible through the The Ten Agreements for Evolving Women.

With this course, you will realize how your own transformation is not separate from the evolution of all women. You will learn how to evolve the very structures that make up your self to release greater capacities for liberated action, awakened clarity, and profound communion with others. And you will discover how to find within yourself a deeper and higher motivation for your own development – a motive that opens the door to discovering true purpose and new capacities as a human being.

How You Will Benefit From This Course

This course will test, inspire and invigorate your journey in unfathomable new ways. If you’re seeking profound change in yourself and your relationships, the 10 Agreements is one of the most powerful programs ever created by and for women.

It is a course whose time has come.

Join us and make powerful changes that will permanently up-level your life! Specific benefits of taking this course include:
•Make a profound shift in your fundamental motivation for life from the fears and desires of the ego to the evolutionary impulse which gives you conviction, direction, and an unlimited source of energy to fulfill your purpose.
•See your life in a larger, evolutionary context that will enable you to depersonalize the challenges that you face so that you can stay on mission.
•Discover the deepest dimension of your self that frees you from existential insecurity and enables you to contribute fully to the life process now.
•Understand how we are made up of the living history of all the women who have come before us which frees us to make conscious choices in alignment with our highest aspirations for the future.
•Step beyond the subtle and often unconscious ways that women defer and pull back from creative responsibility so that you can become the driver of our collective destiny.
•Develop new capacities for emotional rationality and discernment that liberate you from getting lost in the drama and distractions of the ups and downs of life.
•Meet other women in a new sisterhood based on a shared commitment to creating the future.

Experience True, Soul-Level Liberation

Conceived by two top transformational leaders and activists – Dr. Elizabeth Debold and Mary Adams – The 10 Agreements for Evolving Women provides an enlightened context in which to discover who you have been, who you are now, and who you can become.

When you internalize the Ten Agreements you can change, profoundly. This is true liberation. And it is absolutely essential if you are to become a catalyst for profound change within your relationships, communities and our culture.

Radical Change Will Require Radical, New Agreements

Imagine a culture and a world based on these radical and deeply spiritual agreements that we will make in this 10-week journey together:

1.To awaken to and embody an Evolutionary Perspective
2.To trust the timeless depth of the Self Absolute
3.To accept sole responsibility for creating the future
4.To own women’s collective history
5.To liberate my identity from sexual roles
6.To cultivate higher rationality and perspective
7.To engage in perpetual development
8.To relinquish the need for affirmation
9.To cultivate integrity of self
10.To forge an enlightened sisterhood


Be The Transformation You Yearn For

The course provides you with a context in which to shift how you think about your life in order to reveal a higher motivation and intelligence. Each week, you and other women will collectively agree to live to a new standard that enables you to “be the transformation” you – and the life force within–yearn for.

Together, we will begin to see each of our lives in a larger, evolutionary context that will alter our choices and relationships.

You will realize that you are in charge of a new destiny – for yourself and our world.

An Invitation From Elizabeth…


Course Overview: What You Will Learn

Each week of this potent ten-week program, we will commit to our individual and collective evolution, by living one Agreement after another to the best of our abilities.

The 10 Agreements for Evolving Women from 10 Agreements on Vimeo.

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn:

WEEK 1 (February 6th)

Agreement 1: To Awaken to and Embody an Enlightened Perspective

I wholeheartedly embrace a philosophical and moral reference point for my life based in the truth that we are all the product of a process that has been evolving for 14 billion years. From this perspective, I live in the awareness that the evolutionary impulse that emerged from Nothing to create the entire universe is not separate from my deepest motivation to develop and I strive to align with it to consciously create the future.

In this session you will:
•Awaken to a perspective that frees you from who you have been, and opens new potentials for your life.
•Differentiate between a psychological and evolutionary perspective.
•Experience a deeper motivation that is both personal and aligned with the cosmic process.

WEEK 2 (February 13th)

Agreement 2: To Trust the Timeless Depth of the Self Absolute

Before time, thought, feeling, gender, and relatedness, I exist as the Self Absolute. This doubtless knowledge of the truth of Spirit as the foundation of who I am liberates me from the existential fear and desire for security that have shaped women’s self-sense from the beginning of civilization.

In this session you will:
•Discover the timeless, genderless dimension of self that is the foundation of all of existence.
•Experience the freedom that is your fundamental birthright, and discover deep trust in life itself.
•Learn a simple but profound meditation that enables you to experience the timeless dimension of self essential to deep transformation.

WEEK 3 (February 20th)

Agreement 3: To Accept Sole Responsibility for Creating the Future

This entire cosmic process is One, and I am that One – as we each are – upon whom the future depends. Realizing that my transformation is the transformation of consciousness and culture, I take responsibility to consciously evolve so that, for the first time, women can deliberately define our co-creative role in culture.

In this session you will:
•Discover you are One with the cosmic evolutionary process, with which your consciousness is now aligning itself.
•Realize the importance of evolving your own consciousness, not only for yourself, but also for our future.
•Identify ways your sense of self has been shaped by being the “Other,” especially to men, and learn to step beyond this pattern.

WEEK 4 (February 27th)

Agreement 4: To Own Women’s Collective History

I recognize that I am indelibly shaped by history and bear the cellular and psychic imprint of the thousands of years in which women were dependent, subordinate, and too often subjected to violence. While embracing the complex reality of history, I reject the easy excuse of victimization. I vow to make conscious the effects of this history on the ways I act and relate, thereby liberating my capacity to choose and cutting a new path forward for all women.

In this session you will:
•Discover true liberation by understanding our history as women and the roles we’ve played in co-creating civilization with men.
•Learn the four most significant stages of cultural history that have shaped your identity.
•Develop the capacity to objectify and navigate unconscious motives and impulses conditioned by women’s history.
•Recognize the incredible power of choice we now have to become real change-makers as a result of the freedoms women have won over time.

WEEK 5 (March 5th)

Agreement 5: To Liberate My Identity from Sexual Roles

While for thousands of years, the identity of woman has been inseparable from being mother or lover, I no longer build my fundamental sense of self and confidence on these roles that spring from woman’s biological function. While I may consciously choose to take on these roles or not, I am actively cultivating a self-confidence that comes from a deeper dimension of my self.

In this session you will:
•Learn how procreation has shaped women’s psyche throughout history and continues to define our choices.
•Realize how we seek our self-confidence in the roles of mother and lover, despite the enormous freedom women enjoy in progressive cultures.
•Discover the difference between self-worth that comes from being wanted or needed by another and a deep self-confidence rooted in a fullness of self.

WEEK 6 (March 12th)

Agreement 6: To Cultivate Higher Rationality and Perspective

No matter how compelling my emotional experience may be, I strive for clarity and objectivity so that I can align my capacity for choice with a higher perspective. In this way, I am becoming aware of and transcending the often unconscious survival fears and impulses that undermine my autonomy, dignity, and spiritual strength.

In this session you will:
•Explore what it means to cultivate a higher perspective, beyond emotions and feelings.
•Value and embody higher rational and creative capacities that have been historically discouraged in women.
•Learn how to catalyze your own evolutionary development by refusing to take things personally, and instead seeking clarity and objectivity through engagement with others.

WEEK 7 (March 19th)

Agreement 7: To Engage in Perpetual Development

Recognizing that I am the evolutionary process incarnate, I consciously act against the universal force of inertia that manifests in matter and exists in me as a deep tendency toward passivity. By doing so, I not only liberate spiritual energy, but create new positive habits or tendencies through ongoing and noble effort to transform myself physically, intellectually, and spiritually; thereby cultivating a deep self-respect for the privilege of being an evolving human.

In this session you will:
•Learn to differentiate between self-improvement and self-transformation in the context of perpetual development.
•Realize the power of reinterpreting – through an evolutionary perspective – how you relate to yourself, your life’s purpose, and your current capacities and potential.
•From an evolutionary perspective, identify and engage with the inertia that holds you back.

WEEK 8 (March 26th)

Agreement 8: To Relinquish the Need for Affirmation

I stand alone, transparent and unselfconscious, without seeking to find my identity reflected in the eyes of others. Because I am not trying to uphold a self-image, I can fearlessly examine the core structures that have historically created the feminine personality and be free to relate in ways that are undistorted by them.

In this session you will:
•Learn about the structures in our psyche created by our desire to please and be affirmed by others.
•Recognize patterns of dependency that keep us from realizing our own self worth.
•Discover the freedom to relate in ways undistorted by historically conditioned patterns in the female psyche.

WEEK 9 (April 2nd)

Agreement 9: To Cultivate Integrity of Self

Because I do not fear the range of motivations and impulses within me and am not interested in upholding an inauthentic, culturally constructed feminine persona, I act with honesty, directness and consistency and therefore, I strive to always be an expression of the fundamental wholeness that is the ground of all things.

In this session you will:
•Become fearless in the face of conflicting emotions and motivations.
•Explore the part of yourself that longs for relationships based on honesty, directness and consistency.
•Awaken to a desire to express wholeness rooted in the profoundest depth of being.
•Identify a deeper purpose by recognizing that the future is in our hands and that we must live with moral integrity.

WEEK 10 (April 9th)

Agreement 10: To Forge an Enlightened Sisterhood

Hope to meet you in evolutionary sisterhood, Elizabeth
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