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A Celebration of Women …

is heartwarmed to Celebrate the Life of this learned soul.

Her wisdom is born of the experience she lived through her early years. Not surrendering to the question and focusing on a solution, this powerhouse devotes her life today to helping others do the same.

Her question, like many, was “WHY ME?”


Roxanne Williams


Dragonfly Whisperer

A Gossamer Heart (the mending of wings)

I can tell you that I am a Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, (no church affiliations) and a Spiritual Advisor.

I worked at a women’s center for 5 years as a sexual assault counselor, a new volunteer educator, and crisis line worker.
I helped sexual assault survivors through the court process and medical legal exams, etc.

I am a published poet. I have over 34 poems in print.



My mother told me the middle child was too crazy and too wild

for anyone to love, because she waged war with her caged lion

against the whole world, against childhood, against crippling

polio, against our father’s hands, sinking her teeth into old bones, exposing secrets.

She played guitar with a jealous father who tried to drown her

with his music, but she sang with her lion’s-voice, rattling rafters, loosening

his grip. The oldest sister went along, trying to box-up the wildness

in caverns of shun and shame, provoking the tameless sibling to stalk

the light of day. Even a mother’s distain could not keep this lioness-child

from living a life of notice and they all conspired to shut her up,

inciting the wild-animal to claw for every scrap

of recognition, for tiny crumbs of love, for any morsel

of happiness, opening her mouth

with the deafening roar of truth.

While the youngest, of kindred insanity, cowered under paternal terror,

she loved the rebel cat, who took on a father’s violence, who bore the brunt

of incestuous affections, who shared the suffering of sisters,

with a lion’s courage I never had.

I majored in college in Literature and Psychology, but was unable to finish college when stricken with Multiple Sclerosis. I have done 22 years of research into spirituality and the nature of suffering from that and my personal experience, I devised a healing practice to help people move forward in their lives.

My web site offers reading resources, medical, spiritual, and reputable links to help people to heal. I also offer email support, long distance Reiki, and prayer, if asked, in order to help people move forward with their lives after a traumatic experience.

Suffering is an option.” I was thunderstruck. I came upon this quote around the time I had just completed eight years of psycho-therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and had finally got a “clean bill of mental health.”

“I had finally come to terms with past traumas: The sexual assault, and the childhood abuse. I felt on top of the world. Everything in life was going my way and I was finally living the life I had believed I was destined to live”.

Then just like that… I became ill with an auto-immune disease which was attacking my central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems. It seemed that all I could do was watch my body fall apart piece by piece. I suppose I had searched for meaning to life around the age of 14, but before I entered therapy I became very serious about trying to find the answer as to “why me?”

The search began with a study of different major and minor religions. I poured through these pages, looking for common threads. Then I tried on the power of positive thinking, hoping this would undo my pain. When that didn’t answer my question I turned to the Carl Jung to study the nature of Archetypal Meanings. I studied the ancient healing practices of alchemy, symbolism, homeopathy, and what ever else my mind could hold.

After twenty years of research the answer as to “why me” was still just as elusive as my healing seemed to be.

Before my illness and during my research I became a Sexual Assault Facilitator and I also indoctrinated new volunteers at a Women’s Crisis Center. I was getting my writing published. I excelled in college carrying a 3.8 to 4.0 grade average in college, majoring in literature with a minor in psychology. I was two classes from two degrees, when I became ill.

Nevertheless, I continued my research but this time my major was the nature of suffering. After 20 plus years of searching, I never found out a concrete answer as to why all of this happened to me, except that when I came to the end of the testing I was diagnosed with a multiple neurological illnesses as well as muscle skeletal illnesses, and in 2011 I found out I also have and untreatable form of multiple sclerosis.

However, I came to realize the most important thing I could do with my life was to share all I had learned with others, giving them some sort of
advanced recognizance into things that could help one deal with suffering. Therefore, I decided to devote the rest of my life to supporting and encouraging other Wounded Souls.

I became a Reiki Master and an Ordained Minister to help achieve that goal.

I found it really doesn’t matter if the pain was caused by illness, physical, or sexual abuse, or oppression, and was acutely experienced on how these things experiences causes wounds to the soul, or also called “embedded pain.” With the help of Medical Professionals and if necessary psycho-therapy, as well as what I call “Practice,” I found that one can live a life of meaning, even if they don’t understand the meaning of “why“.


Throughout the 20 plus years of research,

I compiled all of the teachings which supported me in movement and Loving-kindness,

and developed The Mending Wings Healing Practice.”

Below are the basic principles I found in my research, which help people to heal their Wounded Souls.

The “A Gossamer Heart” website is a product of a succession of events of events in my life, starting after I completed therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which stemmed from all manner of childhood abuse and a sexual assault as an adult. Once I completed therapy, I worked at a women’s crisis center for five years, with women who had been sexually assaulted and abused. At the same time, I attended college, majoring in psychology, with a minor in literature. When I developed Multiple Sclerosis, it ended my work at the women’s center and I was unable to complete my college courses.

M. S. sent me on a 22-year journey of researching the nature of suffering and its spiritual impact. In my research, I found that trauma often creates “soul wounds,” causing one to become frozen in his or her trauma. This inability to move forward seemed to apply to all manner of trauma: sexual assault, illness, human rights violations and so on. Being “stuck” in trauma seemed to be almost a universal experience. However, I found that movement was essential to healing.

From my research and personal experience, I developed practices that helped me and many others to start moving beyond traumatic events. Because of the success of these practices, I decided to share these techniques, in the form of “A Gossamer Heart (the mending of wings.).”

This website offers personal confidential email support. I also include an extensive list of self-help books, my “Mending Wings Practices,” and as a continuation of these practices, inspirational videos that I create. I created the below an anagram to give you an image of what this web site is about, which is also the essence of the “Mending Wings Healing Practice.”



In moving forward through M.S. I found knowledge equals empowerment. Therefore, I searched the Internet for reputable websites and compiled an extensive list of website links including medical information, support, spiritual guidance, etc. My website also offers my poetry blog which chronicles the healing process.

It is my belief that there is a ripple effect, as one person heals we begin to heal the world.


VIDEO – This video was created for and “The Mending Wings Healing Practice of Peace“. It is our And may the music “Imagine” help you find that inner peace we all desire and that your peace has a ripple effect on World Peace.

Please visit our web site. We support those who suffered abuse, oppression, and those who are chronically ill. Our web site and Healing Practices are geared towards supporting the wounded soul. We do not own the copyrights for materials used in this video. This video was made for non-profit use.

Roxanne Williams
“Dragonfly Whisperer”
A Gossamer Heart (the mending of wings)

The Dragon Whisperer YouTube Page

A Celebration of Women

welcomes this healing soul into our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION

with open arms and warm hearts.

Brava Roxanne!

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