~ Language of Love ~ Weekend Relationship Bootcamp, Feb 25/26

Language of Love – Weekend Relationship Bootcamp

Saturday, February 25, 2012 at

9:00am – 5:00 pm

Sunday, February 26, 2012

9:00am – 5:00pm

  • Event Room
  • Whether you are searching for the perfect partner, struggling with relationship issues, or simply want to take your current relationship to the next level, this workshop will provide all… the tools, guidance and support you need. Equally effective whether you come on your own or with a partner, the change begins with you.

    This is not your ordinary relationship workshop!

    Demystifying the arena of relationships at the most fundamental level, this workshop will take you an a journey of profound self-discovery, exploring your relationship with love and with yourself, and examine how that impacts your relationships with your partner, your family, your friends and your colleagues. Discover the underlying universal principles that govern our existence and the dynamics of human interaction and attraction, and how to use this little known wisdom to master the art of relationships.

    We will be exploding the debilitating myths, fantasies and assumptions associated with relationships, especially intimate relationships, replacing them with truly empowering wisdom. You will learn an effective scientifically proven method to permanently release negative emotional charges like resentment and anger built up over time, and experience the state of unconditional love accessible to us when we can bring ourselves TOTALLY present in the moment. In short this workshop will empower you to transform ANY relationship.

    And if you know anyone who is currently dealing with relationship issues, please do them the service of passing this along, if they choose to attend this workshop I guarantee they will thank you for it!

    What every human being desires most is to be loved and accepted for who they are. Discover the underlying dynamics of human interaction & attraction and empower yourself to transform your relationships. You will notice a profound difference in your relationship with yourself, with your significant other, with your family members, and even with colleagues and friends when you master the art of relationships. Expand your understanding of, and capacity for Unconditional Love…

    Relationships are one of the toughest areas of our lives to master. There are so many ups and downs regardless of how spiritual we are, how educated, attractive, or successful we are, and many of us are going through the same challenges.

    Why is that you may ask?

    As with most things in life, relationships don’t come with a manual. We are surrounded by so many opinions on how relationships should and shouldn’t be. We buy into these outdated myths and fantasies and end up confused, bewildered and disempowered. There is no simple answer, but based on our own experience, 2 decades of research combining ancient wisdom from many traditions and the most up to date scientific understanding of human dynamics, we have uncovered important little-known pieces of the puzzle.

    We are excited to invite you to spend 2 full days with us discovering these secrets. This intense experiential workshop is a massive step towards mastering relationships and understanding unconditional love. Let’s dive into these mysteries together and explore how these powerful underlying universal principles can enrich your life. The shifts past workshop participants have experienced are extraordinary. Isn’t it time you experience unconditional love for yourself?

    This intensive 2 day workshop contains a body of wisdom collected from our own personal experience, spiritual and universal laws & principles, quantum physics and the new sciences, the study of consciousness, the dynamics of human behaviour, ancient & modern philosophy and a profound new understanding of love and relationahips guaranteed to change the way you view your relationships, your life and the world we live in. Both couples and singles will gain valuable wisdom and new insight into the magic of intimate relationships. Develop a great relationship with yourself.

    Access your power to transform your intimate relationship.

    Learn how to get the love you deserve and create a successful, fulfilling partnership.
    * Is your intimate relationship everything you had hoped for?
    * Do you have the feeling something is missing in your relationship?
    * Is your relationship struggling or on the rocks?
    * Have you built up resentments and issues with your partner you would love to release?
    * Have you been searching for the perfect partner/relationship unsuccessfully?
    * Are you stuck in a cycle of infatuation & resentment?
    * Would you love to learn how to transform your relationship into a powerful partnership?
    * Discover the secrets of successful, fulfilling relationships
    * Discover the true purpose and hidden perfection in your intimate relationships
    * Understand the underlying dynamics at work in your relationship and how they are arranged to propel your growth
    * Understanding the role of our motivational values in relationships
    * Improve/enhance the communication in any relationship
    * Release resentments, issues and emotional baggage associated with your partner/relationship
    * Bring love, harmony and mutual respect back to a failing relationship
    * Identify and overcome any myths, fantasies and illusions which are obstructing the development of your relationship. Singles:
    * Learn how to attract your ideal partner.
    * Find out what is blocking the love you desire in your life and transcend it.

    No matter what the nature of your relationship, your partnership will always be a mixture of pleasant and not so pleasant experiences. Having unrealistic ideals on how we expect people to behave can result in tension, resentment and frustration in our relationships. Monika & Graham will show you how to get beyond relationship myths and fantasies, and release the built-up tension so you can see and appreciate your relationship and partner in their true light. This workshop will give you the power to transform ANY relationship and guide you to access direct experience of true unconditional love.



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