Ayi Jihu Taking Action for LOVE, for Valentine’s Day!


February 2012

With Valentines day looming around the world, and couples hustling back and forth to gift shops trying to find the perfect expression of their love for their partners, we spoke to Chinese international star Ayi Jihu about her thoughts on the subject.

Ayi Jihu is giving away three posters to her fans, followers and friends for Valentine (all included in this post just right click to download) as a thank you for their support over the last year. With her schedule packed up for the foreseeable future as she begins training for her new short movie version of Fear Chaser (among other things) we managed to get her on the phone to speak briefly about Valentine, love and all things romance.



‘Anyone who knows me will know I am not a pink and cuddly type of girl. Don’t ask me why but it has never really been my kind of thing. I guess in that way I differ from most other Chinese young women, who are all about fluffy toys and Hello Kitty stuff. I am a big believer in love though, and I know that if you are lucky in life you will hopefully experience it at least once. I feel I can say I know what love is, and although it is romance, sunset walks and hearts, I have found it to be mostly hard work and tolerance when it comes to a relationship. We all know about the feelings we get when we first meet someone and how the sun can shine out of their, well you know what I mean. What I have learnt is that once you settle into a relationship there is much, much more to it than that. You really have to work hard at it and that is why I think it is important to really love a person for who they are, otherwise you just wont last when things start to go wrong, and trust me they always do at some point.

I think Valentines day is nice, but way too commercial these days and I can imagine the pressure some women put on their partners around this time. It’s very tough on guys, not all guys are great at romance, but that does not make them any less romantic. I think people need to work at this part of their relationships more, rather than just around Valentines. Every relationship needs work and building, what you put into it is what you get out, and if you only make an effort once a year you can not really expect very much.’



‘Right now I am working hard on my career, which makes it very hard for me to concentrate on Love, etc. Relationships need time and hard work, especially in the beginning, and I am just far too busy to give that time to anyone at this point. I am hoping that things will settle down for me in the future and I can start to thing about all that kind of stuff. I love what I do and I love the people I work with. I love inspiring the kids and helping them see a way out of their situation. I love the crowd when I am on stage, so I have enough love to keep me going for now. I hope people will enjoy the posters and I wish everyone a fantastic and lovely Valentines day. I would like to end by saying to all those who are alone, don’t worry, It is important to Love yourself first!’

For more information on Ayi Jihu visit her website www.ayijihu.com

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