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This woman’s primary focus in life is the spiritual development for both parent and child. Her spiritual support practice assists others in balancing the exterior world with an interior focus.

Please join us here to Celebrate this member of our Alumni, now here to help the Women of our World.


Annie Burnside

Modern society moves at such a fast pace today, making the time to share the inner linings of one’s heart a rare luxury. The individuals who commit to my groups desire to make inner knowing a top priority and want to share the bounties of that with their children.
—Excerpt from Soul to Soul Parenting

A modern bridge between the mainstream and the mystical, Annie Burnside, M.Ed., is a soul nurturer, author, public speaker and teacher specializing in conscious relationships and spiritual development. As a soul nurturer, she helps others awaken to their own personal truths by providing spiritual support and encouragement while offering tools to balance their inner world with the exterior world.

Burnside’s teachings inspire others to reconnect with their spirit and listen to the voice of their own soul so that direct divine connection can become fully accessible within daily reality. Her open, gentle approach encompasses all spiritual paths.Burnside became especially interested in working with other parents on a spiritual level as she began to remind her own children of their divine nature.Her passion for spiritual development/authentic living drives her work.

The author’s mission is to ‘inspire raised consciousness’ in individuals and families around the world by reminding them that they are above all else creative, intuitive, eternal, infinite, energy beings who can consciously create their own reality if they choose to do so. This realization empowers all individuals, families and communities to lead more authentic lives enabling them to more easily align with their highest potential.It is her perspective that greater intimacy with the voice of the soul leads to living truthfully and will ‘change our world’.

Burnside received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from DePauw University and her Masters degree in Education from DePaul University. She taught fourth and fifth grades in Evanston, Illinois before becoming a full-time stay-at-home mom and soul nurturer to her three children now aged fourteen, thirteen and ten.

Annie’s Family and Soul to Soul Perspective

Twenty years ago Burnside began her own personal growth journey. Due to her passion for conscious relationships and spiritual development, as well as her longtime study of metaphysics, others began to seek her out as a teacher inviting her to give lectures and workshops on spirituality. She created a spiritual support practice in 2005. Burnside draws inspiration from her own spiritual journey, her work as a soul nurturer, and her experiences sharing life with her own children. Annie lives with her husband and three children in Chicago, IL.

In a private soul nurturing session, Annie uses her intuition and spiritual understanding to assist clients in contemplating relationships and life experiences from a broad, divine perspective. As individuals recognize the truth of their innate divinity and internal connection to All That Is, the path opens to apply that truth to all interactions and life circumstances. The purpose of a soul nurturing session is always to reconnect clients more deeply to the voice of their own soul so that clarity and direction may be attained from the larger soul vantage point.


Sessions are held in person or over the phone, and may be used for individual and/or family spiritual support.

Time slots are available CST Monday through Thursday @ 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, and noon.

To make a soul nurturing session with Annie, please contact her at .
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Award-winning author Annie Burnside’s newly released book Soul to Soul Parenting—a 2011 Nautilus Silver Book Award Winner and a 2011 New Generation Indie Book Award Winner—is focused upon spiritual development for both the parent and child and seems very much in simpatico with your purposeful work. We would be honored for her book to be considered as a resource for those individuals who enjoy your wonderful offerings.

Parents yearning for ways to inspire deeper meaning in their family’s busy lives will find a wealth of insight and user-friendly suggestions in the new book, Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family(Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, June 2010).

It’s both a guidebook filled with a wide-ranging “toolbox” of ideas and activities and a remarkable chronicle of one family’s spiritual journey. The author, Annie Burnside, M.Ed.—teacher, wife, mother of three, and professional soul nurturer—is a modern mom who utilizes everyday life experiences including mealtimes, books, movies, art, friendships, time in the car, and family outings to open perspectives and nourish souls, infusing a heightened spiritual awareness into their lives.

Today’s parents are searching for more inclusive, less polarizing ways to evolve with their children. Soul to Soul Parenting can be a key part of that journey, exploring how to forge deeper, more intimate communication within the family in the face of a fast-paced world. The book encourages parents from every demographic and religious base to become active participants in their children’s awakening as conscious global citizens.

We ask you to please take a look at Annie’s book at in the hopes that we share similar goals in raising consciousness and expanding compassion in our world through parenting and education.



Dr. Christiane Northrup, best-selling author says,

Soul to Soul Parenting is a book whose time has come. It’s terrific!”

” A modern bridge between the mainstream and the mystical, Annie Burnside is a soul nurturer specializing in conscious relationships and spiritual development. Her spiritual support practice assists others in balancing the exterior world with an interior focus. Annie teaches workshops, speaks publicly and writes the Soul to Soul Perspective blog for the Chicago Tribune and the family consciousness column for Evolving Your Spirit Magazine.


She also hosts a monthly radio show for the I’m Thankful Network,” the first Mondays of every month.

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“… Share with your family your capacity to determine times of action and non-action. Most importantly, assist your children in making life choices that are in alignment with all that they know to be true for them. “ Annie Burnside

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Many Thanks and Much JOY, Annie.The Soul to Soul Parenting Team
Annie Burnside, M.Ed.
Soul Nurturer!/soulparent

A Celebration of Women

welcomes this wonderful soul into our Alumni with open arms and embraces the fact that she is here now to help the Women of our World.

Brava Annie!

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