Targeting Apartheid with David Austin via Agnes Mutongoi Maluki

Targeting Israeli Apartheid picks out Barclays Bank as the British bank with the most substantial investments in Israeli companies, including companies based in Israeli settlements. The book goes on to examine the investments of several British universities and UK pension funds revealing investments in companies based in Israeli settlements and arms companies supplying weapons to the Israeli state. Finally, the book shows how charities registered in the UK donate to the Israeli army and settlements. …

“Taking its cue from the unified Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, Targeting Israeli Apartheid examines the Israeli economy and details the Israeli and international companies… complicit in Israeli state repression. Based on original research in Palestine, the book shows how these companies can be targeted and provides the international BDS movement with the information necessary to bring the Palestinian struggle to the doorsteps of those who profit from Israeli apartheid.”

Finally, a Handbook on How too Smash Israeli Apartheid
January 10, 2012, Desertpeace

the webpage contains the link to download a free ecopy

Targeting Israeli Apartheid
A Boycott Divestment Sanctions Handbook
PDF 18.8 MB 383 pp

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I believe that there is only one Truth, but as it is unfathomable, it is not useful.  That is not to imply that it’s pursuit is not useful

“The Way that can be experienced is not true;
The world that can be constructed is not real.
The Way manifests all that happens and may happen;
The world represents all that exists and may exist.

“To experience without abstraction is to sense the world;
To experience with abstraction is to know the world.
These two experiences are indistinguishable;
Their construction differs but their effect is the same.

“Beyond the gate of experience flows the Way,
Which is ever greater and more subtle than the world.”

– Lao Tzu

as a beneficiary of many wisdom traditions, as well as my personal experience with the work of Werner Erhard, I find the exploration of language as approach to understanding myself and the world exhilarating.  A case in point:


I am an egalitarian, and advocate for a humanism which is strongly guided by environmentalism, i.e. not anthropocentric.  I struggle for social justice, human dignity, sustainable stewardship of the planet, and compassion for all life.

the following Note is representative of my activity here on fb, which further extends to condemn Zionism, American exceptionalism, colonialism, economic exploitation, and all forms of oppression Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy … er, Democracy

The Monroe Doctrine to Manifest Destiny


THANKS Agnes Mutongoi Maluki

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