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It is becoming increasingly obvious to the most casual observer that many Christians have forgotten what the title “Christ” means. We were blessed two thousand years ago with a living soul, who demonstrated in the flesh what it can actually be like to live as a son of God.

The majority of people, whether in the past or present when confronted with a genuine being, either resist or simply do not recognize authenticity. Who is to blame for this long suffering situation that has caused wars, grief, falsity, sense of separation and lack of self worth, greed and cruel judgments against large segments of people?

The judgments come from a state of mind that functions as spiritual ignorance. Falsity and greed, manipulation and prejudices are products of a consciousness that is incapable of understanding what is real and what is false. The millions of egos following false reactions and narrow beliefs are not awakened to the truth of who they really are and the higher purpose of living in the flesh.

There are too many Christians accepting a story and not a teaching. The teaching is to live from the heart. Why focus on the cross? Why not focus on the message and example of love, non-judgment, forgiveness, and compassion?

What about the resurrection? Why doesn’t the church shout to the roof tops on what resurrection really is? History is documented. It states that Jesus accomplished a magical feat after he died on the cross. He actually did what he prophesized he would do. He created and rebuilt his body temple in three days. He was observed eating, teaching and other normal activities by hundreds of people. This is supernormal. It is living as a master of matter. Imagine if someone did that in today’s world!

People have always loved fictional heroes. What about a real one? Jesus is an amazing hero. He has impacted millions of people for two thousand years and yet, how many really know him? How many emulate his example? The teaching of Jesus about loving God first and our neighbor as our self was too advanced for the people back then and obviously is too difficult for the majority of souls to wholeheartedly embrace today.

Use your imagination! If Christians actually lived what Jesus, a living Christ demonstrated, we definitely would have a chance for peace on earth and good will toward men.

Because the call to love is selfless and in some ways abstract in a world that is polluted on every level, many church people moved away from the teaching of Christ and found solace in the tools of the metaphysical trade. The tools are enjoyable and workable substitutes until we are ready to return to the real ‘thing’.

When more souls are willing to surrender the personality to the Lord and choose to follow a Christ example by living with a passionate faith, we will ignite a greater compassion and understanding in the heart of humanity. All the mind games and glamour of the New Age Era do have significance and have helped thousands of people. At the same time, they have only temporarily filled a very serious void.

The void cannot be filled with glamour. To achieve awareness requires a moment-by-moment conscious effort, sacrifice, trust, sense of responsibility and an unwavering love for the Unseen. Many are blessed during the journey with the gifts of the Spirit but they are in the minority. It also does not mean they have God Realization. Those who remain strong in their faith, as their world and future feels uncertain, are the lights of grace in form. They have an unwavering love and serve in whatever capacity they can knowing that there is something amazingly alive within all of us waiting to burst forth as one thousand lights.

Many writers have gone to great lengths to describe the Source of all creation in the abstract. Humans do not fall in love with the abstract. They fall in love with intimacy, beauty, love and kindness. We are victorious when we have allowed a passionate relationship with the Spirit of Truth to be the moving force in our daily lives. It is then that we harmoniously vibrate as Radiant Light, a Light that can be seen and felt as the warm wind of an active Holy Spirit.

It is time Christianity be healed. The Lamb of God is speaking the word to many of us, “Gather My Flock“. The lost sheep need to acknowledge what has happened and allow themselves to be wrapped around the powerful shoulders of the Good Shepherd.

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