International Women of Worth, Catherine Anne Clark and Ayi Jihu

International Women of Worth

Looking at Chinese star Ayi Jihu and A Celebration of Women Founder Catherine Anne Clark together does not automatically throw up ‘Kindred spirit’ However in truth both these women have very much in common.

Ayi Jihu has fought against her fears, tradition, culture and even her own people to establish herself independently as China’s first true crossover musical and popular icon. She has done what many have tried before and failed to achieve and she has done it mostly on her own.

 Catherine Anne Clark in establishing her foundation A Celebration of Women Foundation Inc.,  has had to go it alone also. Swimming against the tide to create what many are now seeing as a potential world leading organization in the next several years.

These two women have more in common than is first apparent when you see them together. They both have a self sacrificing attitude to their work. preferring to give to others rather than take for themselves. They both work hours that would kill most of us 14 to 16 hour days non stop. They both believe in something bigger than themselves and the circle they move in, and they both are building an international business.

As big as this world may seem, we realize just how small it is when like minded souls find each other amidst Billions of people. In truth it is not that hard because people like Catherine Anne Clark and Ayi Jihu are far and few between, rare, and so finding each other is easier than one may think. 2012 promises to be the year both these ‘Women of Worth’ truly push themselves firmly above the Radar. Let us hope they both continue to inspire others to rise above their circumstances and be much more than this world says they should and can be.

For more information about Ayi Jihu visit her website

For More information on Catherine Anne Clark and her Foundation .

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