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A Celebration of Women

is elated to Celebrate the Life of a gentle woman that holds all the qualities of a deep spirit that examplifies the very old saying ….

‘walks soft, yet carries a big stick’.

As humble and understated as this powerhouse presents, there are absolutely no doubts of the value to not only the Women of our World this woman offers; but, to our world as a whole.



Ange Kavanas


Ange was born (July 17) in a small town of Volos Greece, she was a young teen when her family immigrated to Canada escaping political challenges and oppression. For most, visiting Greece conjures up tales of Spartans, Olympiads and “Homer’s Odyssey.” Ancient ruins, often temples built to gods, stand as monuments of engineering and design genius. Crystal waters, spectacular islands and wonderful climates attract visitors from all parts of the globe.

Volos is the fifth largest city in Greece, and the newest port city; rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in 1955.It is located on the location of the ancient cities of Demetrias, Pagasae and Lolcos. Lolcos was the home of Jason, who organized the Argonauts in search of the Golden Fleece. The city is located at the foot of Mount Pilio or Pelion, the mythical home of the centaurs. It is the third largest port in Greece.

From an early age, Ange realized her gifts of intuition and medical insight. Her passion was to be a doctor; was intrigued with astronomy and the study of the Universe. She studied aspects of cyber technology and systems. She learned about energy and crystals. She worked with her family while studying the alternative, nutrition and naturopathy, always asking, what is next.


Her family was in the restaurant business and in 1994 Ange became the passionate owner/ operator of La Maquette Restaurant; a French Restaurant, within a historically designated building, in the heart of downtown Toronto. Numerous accreditations and Awards for best Ambiance, best Food, best Service and most Romantic Restaurant in the city, have been creating the memorable Experiences that make most come back, and call La Maquette Home!



Always at the forefront of gastronomic trends, La Maquette is celebrating 30 Years in business and 18 with Ange on the helm; a milestone of creativity and passion.

She is also the founder of her other business AESTHETIC SOLUTIONS Canada, the exclusive distributor of a world leader in medical aesthetics, STARBENE Argentina. Not to mention “the SPA!”

Everyone would like to receive an energy treatment from Ange. Reflexology, Deep Muscle therapy, or intuitive counseling, as Ange Kanavas is an intuitive healer, assisting people daily. Her vision is to bring an awakening in all areas of life and a deeper level of understanding in the Human experience. She is working with her meditation/study group to enhance her Spiritual journey to Enlightenment and invites others that would like to join her. The study group meets weekly.

Ange constantly organizes events to raise funds for women’s shelters, “the brain child” at Toronto’s Sick kids, supporting hospitals that research the fight against breast cancer, and so much more.

Ange has recently joined in collaboration of the women’s organization growing silently around the globe, as an web of powerful women leaders named A Celebration of Women ~ hence here as one of our esteemed WOMEN of ACTION that will seek not only to assist but to seek justice for all.

Ange Kanavas is a spiritual being assisting Gaia and Humanity on our journey home.


What is meditation?

It is a laser beam of focus on one thing, emotion or action.

It is the Stillness of the mind, quieting the mind, erasing all thoughts and chatter from the conscious mind (the operative of any life form using reasoning to address all aspects of one’s physical, emotional and/or mental bodies).

Meditation: You ask 1000 people and you get 1000 different answers,

but they all agree, they feel better after they have entered into meditation /stillness even for a few minutes; they relax, focus and become calmer in their daily routine.

Prolonged use of meditation results in an elevated state of consciousness with love and understanding! 10 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep.

While some use Yoga as a form of discipline, we use the alignment and invocation method, partly guided and partly going into bliss of pure Love, Joy and Oneness!!

If you have not meditated before this, and would like to start for whatever reason you choose, you may want to try the method that I have been using since I was a teenager. It helped me keep my focus and maintain clarity.

Now would be a good time to start!

Prepare a candle in a non-lit room, or dark room.

Find a very comfortable seat, back erect and feet flat on the floor, maintain this position so that energy can move freely around the body thru you and out of you! Gaze at the candle…flame… flicker..

Take a deep breath and send it to the entire lungs all the way down to the abdomen, you will feel that the abdomen is expanding as you are filling in with pure life giving Oxygen! That is a form of Pranic breathing.



Count to 4 as you are inhaling and start feeling the energy going right down to your feet and back count to 8 as you are exhaling visualizing all the stress moving out of you body. Repeat this 4 times.

Repeat the same exercise and continue to gaze at the candle and counting to 4 in breathing and 16 on the out breath making sure that all the air is out of the lungs. Repeat 4 times. As you exhaling you always focus on all stress leaving your body and illuminating with light oxygen particles rejuvenating and regenerating all cells and nerves in your body! Gaze around the flame and observe with your entire being, rings upon rings will soon appear like a halo expanding and creating a radius of a few inches up to a foot long and more.

Hold that focus as long as you can and observe what happens.

All thoughts are clear, don’t analyze…

This exercise is perfect for heart patients and a tremendous stress release for everyone.

The heart beat will slow down to 60, then 50 and then 40 beats per minute and lower blood pressure when you practice this daily, they say, you will be gaining 10 years of life just doing this or even looking younger!

All muscle groups and the central nervous system will respond in a very positive way so that all bodily functions will be reset, rejuvenated and regenerated.

When you reach the point of seeing the rings expand and your breathing is really slow you have entered the Alpha state, this is the state of connectivity to Infinite Perfection and the Prime Creator of All.

Now we go into the alignment of the

Infinite All, Our Christed Consciousness, I AM and Gaia All in One and One in All.

Join our meditation group on Tuesday nights.

Enhance your Soul’s development and psychic anatomy.

Transmute all karma and move into elevated consciousness of love wisdom.


The Energy Matrix

Join the community of light workers at this great time of cosmic need for the ascension of our beloved Gaia and all her inhabitants including all life forms, structures and consciousness!”


Join me in consciousness or in person to keep our light strong, as we are ascending onto the 5th dimension and the in breathing process of our solar system. When our light is strong and united into the oneness consciousness of Love and Compassion we are dissipating cataclysmic episodes as Gaia is ascending with Joy, Peace and Lovefor all”.

“We are here to assist humanity to hold harmony within and out through invocation, and stillness into the ultimate alignment of the Christed God Self within everyone. “

Aesthetic Solutions at La Maquette SPA!

Love your skin, love your face, love your body, love your self!

Enjoy spending time with yourself and discover the beauty within. Meditate!

Prepare your self to enter the Portal of Healing and beauty in an energetic unforgettable journey. Experience harmonic well being, discover the fountain of youth with the latest in technology and nutrient formulas, cleanse via process of elimination of harmful toxins and learn how to maintain a perfectly fit body, brilliant mind and total harmony with La Maquette-Spa’s protocols, seminars and products. Welcome to eternity.

This is one of the most stressful times yet Historical, the world has seen, at least in our lifetime… Meditate!

La Maquette Spa and Ange are very Unique in its energies and the treatments offered.

\A diverse Spa on stress-relief, weight loss, facial bio-lifting, mud detox and relaxation massage therapies.

It is all your aesthetic and well being area.

The treatment protocols cover all aesthetic needs of the physical body, the waterfall bringing a tranquil state of relaxation and setting your mind free, our coaching sessions can assist on any life changing challenges and guiding you to make the right decisions helping you grow in the areas that is needed and our guided meditation sessions are offered on Tuesday nights to truly transform your life.


Take Action ~ Meditate!


What you will experience at the centre is an instant stress release on all levels.

You have the options of utilizing the life changing treatment protocols on the physical level by choosing to learn new ways of eating that fight the aging process and creating new habits; or enjoying a relaxing invigorating facial with our cutting edge technology that erases at least 10 years at a time of your face while re-moisturizing and liven the deeper layers of your skin. Learn how the LipoCell Evo has assisted so many to eliminate and keep off the unwanted inches and pounds from 3- 15 inches difference.

Did you just have a baby? We can help tighten the skin and diminish stretch marks. Meditate!”

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