VERONICA – Spiritual Messages ‘Timelessness’

A Message From VERONICA


“We are often asked how to connect with one’s own soul.

In your culture it is often a tedious task. The reason has its roots in the measurement of time.

Outside of the linear time is not a consideration. The eternal moment… which is ever in the present…[is] the only constant.

We suggest for those wishing to connect with their higher vibration, that a separation from the timeline would be beneficial.

The soul reflects without the chaos of the dramatic timeline with ease. An opportunity to step out of the timeline is a wondrous experience for those desiring connection.

A suggestion of a period of time where time is not considered, [can be] a wonderful reconnection to the soul.

Perhaps a weekend of no clocks, no measurement and no participation in time whatsoever… the soul in its natural timeless state while living as human as possible.

Reflecting on one’s participation in a physical environment while appreciating its spiritual gifts. Ah! What a true gift that would be.

So dear friend…… be bold….. step out of physical time……. allow the timelessness of the soul to participate with your human experience.

Your perspective will expand, allowing the full integration of mind, body, + soul.

Take the steps necessary to be timeless for a few sun ups and sun downs.
It may change how you proceed from where you are.

Be eternal for a moment.

You may be surprised at the powerfulness of it all.

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