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“Often in physical reality it is easy to slip into an unawareness of who you are.

Dramatics have a way of dulling the senses. It can lead to a disconnect with your joyful soul partipation.

Whenever possible, participate in a moment of happieness. Attempt to bring it into your day by whatever means possible.

Joy is like filling your automobile for a journey. It creates a sense of well being on the journey through this life.

Each day remind yourself of one reason for being in this life. Assign a happy thought to it. Nuture this small seed of joy until it has an effect upon your daily dramas.

The good thing about joy is that it can blossom internally no matter what is occuring in the daily drama.

Create the thought of joy and then sit in it. Be there as you move through the day. It will change the dramatics. It may take some days to accumulate enough to oppose the sadness, but eventually will make a difference.

Be patient.

No matter how small of a sliver, joy may be in your life. It is an abundant seed.

Plant it.

Water it.

Wait for the miracle of its blossoming.

You can achieve it.

Be joyful and plant the seeds.

You can achieve it.”

You can send letters for Dear VERONICA to AprilMediumship@aol.comNote that only letters to Dear VERONICA that are chosen for publication are generally responded to.

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April Crawfordis a True Deep Trance Full Body Spiritual Channel and Medium.

*Briefly, what this means is that April Crawford can allow herself to smoothly enter into a deep trance state, essentially leaving her physical body to allow other non-physical independent conscious beings and guides to have conversations with you about a wide range of topics with virutally zero distortion or “coloring” by April (because she is not there). In this regard, April Crawford is one of the most naturally adept Open Deep Trance Channels in the world.

*Many people refer to these non-physical beings as “spirit guides” (and some are spirit guides) but we generally refer to them as “entities” if they have stopped incarnating physically, and “individuals” if they are still in-between physical incarnations.

*Note: Although April Crawford is an Open Deep Trance Channel and can and does allow many different Entities and Guides to come through, it is the the Entity and Guide that we call VERONICA who handles all telephone sessions. VERONICA is well known thoughout the world via her free spiritual newsletter “Inner Whispers”, and also via her regular telephone consultations with people in most countries.


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