ELSA P. – Planetary Positions to Guide – Multi-Tasking, Mercury Retrograde/Dark Undercurrent‏

I am on the verge of ruining my reputation for being super-negative and while I feel bad about this, I have to say we’ve got another great week on tap. We’ve got the grand trine in earth in effect all week, and even the most insane among us get some grounding out of that.

Heading into the weekend, we’ve got the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in the fire signs so it’s go, Go, GO! Go while being stabilized by the grand trine in earth.

Sounds good to me.

Friday evening the Moon joins Mars in Virgo which sets everyone up for a busy weekend. Most will be multi-tasking for one reason or the other. In the U.S. we’ll prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday and with Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, many will be traveling.

I hate to say this because I am not one to rush Christmas but while you’re running around out there or making calls, you may want to think about handling Christmas tasks early. This is because Mercury goes retrograde on Thanksgiving, November 24th, and it won’t go direct until December 14th. Obviously you can shop with Mercury retrograde though it’s almost a given you’ll be stepping over feet, either theirs or your own. If you’re someone who likes to avoid stress near the holiday, I would keep this in mind and knock some of this stuff out early.

I also expect stores to keep their inventory down this season so if there is something you really want, I’d snap it up while it’s available and you have the best selection of colors, etc.

Monday and Tuesday, the Moon joins Saturn in Libra so get along with others if at all possible. With Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, generosity and benevolence are strongly favored and when you think about it, why be down when you can be up? Why be cruel when you can be kind?

Wednesday, emotions are stirred as the Moon is in Scorpio, but with a stellium in Sagittarius the overall climate remains decidedly upbeat. I see this as adding depth to a happy day though I acknowledge some may feel disturbed by all the jokes and merry-making when there is such a dark undercurrent out there.

If you want to talk about these issues or anything else, please schedule a phone appointment or contact me for an email consult.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,

Elsa P




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