Cecily MacArthur, Teleclass: What Does Your Dream Life Look Like?

What Does Your Dream Life Look Like? Five Steps to Loving Yourself

Mondays, November 14, 21 and 28
7:00-8:00pm EST; 4:00-5:00pm PST

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Perhaps the most difficult spiritual teaching to put into practice is the one about self-love. Do any of these questions ring true for you?
• Are you your own worst enemy?
• Are you unsure about what you want in your life?
• Are you emotionally numb and disconnected from your feelings?
• Are you always looking for guidance and approval from others?
• Are you lonely and desperate for love?

If so, then here is your opportunity to work with Dream Life Coach and Intuitive Cecily MacArthur to experience powerful ways to fill yourself up from the inside out, and know that you are always loved, loving, and lovable, and deserve all that your heart desires. Invest in yourself for three weeks of personal insight and transformation. Each week will take you on a journey of self-discovery and self-love.

Week One:• Introduction: Why loving and valuing yourself is the key to massive wealth, fulfilling relationships, and vibrant health
• Step 1: Practicing Self-Compassion – What is self-compassion and how can you make it a healthy habit in your life

Week Two:• Step 2: Discovering what you Want – How to stop operating from the “shoulds” and get in touch with what you would truly love to have in your life
• Step 3: Feeling your Feelings – What gets in the way of connecting to your emotions, and how to tune into what you are really feeling.

Week Three:• Step 4: Cultivating your Intuition – How to tap into your own heart, listen to your own inner wisdom, and start trusting yourself more
• Step 5: Connecting with Divine Love – How to accept the Universe as your ally, open your heart to be one with Spirit, and experience the comforting presence of God within you
Special Offer Price: $67.00

This special program is offered at a holiday introductory discounted price of $67.00 through November 11th. After that the normal program price of $97.00 will be in effect.

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Cecily MacArthur is a world-class “Dream Life Coach” and intuitive. She is a certified Life Mastery Consultant and business partner with Mary Morrissey and LifeSOULutions, a certified life coach, and an experienced transformational teacher and author in the human potential movement. She is the author of the book “7 Ways to Stay Positive in Challenging Times”, regularly conducts teleseminars on dream building and spiritual development, hosts a monthly interview show called the “The Light Beam Hour”, and has co-hosted 3 successful telesummits on Angels, the Law of Attraction, and Energy Healing. Her background includes 20+ years as a corporate organizational and management consultant, trainer, and coach, and a life-long commitment to her own spiritual growth.



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