VERONICA – Lamenting the Past …

A Message From VERONICA

Lamenting the Past

“In your now the future holds a flame of promise. It flickers in front of you while beckoning the soul to move towards it in hope.
Most are able to maneuver towards their next experience due to that now moment.

Often in life one becomes less likely to be able to evolve to that future. The past in all its forms can be a great distraction to those seeking advancement.

Often your days are filled with lamentations or “I could have done that better.”… “What was I thinking in that decision?”, etc.

It is important to realize that the past is just that…. past. In a linear forum you cannot change it.

In a spiritual venue one can shift the energy experience into a positive current moment so that your future creations are not compromised by your past.

The balance between the past and self is not easily defined by verbiage. It can only be felt in the depths of your soul.

Release the past and FEEL the future while existing in the NOW.”

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