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    Dear Global Independent Information Mediums,

    Apart from being a universal global document-package relating to major health freedom, the radical, accurate and passionate truth it contains may astonish most of the World’s populations with its efficient practical approach to how global corporate marketing is being applied to Humanity as a whole. People’s minds, captured by fear, spell-bound and immobilized by preventable health disorders and deadly chemical drugs is an accountable and claimable!

    These words may appear strange in the beginning, but not in the end. Their transparent clarity provides an intoxicating sense of warmth and safety and before long you will know that it was your collective spirit who created this extraordinary document portfolio.

    Welcome and Enjoy!


    The W-doc ENTHUSIASM file attached to this message seriously relates to best known psychology policies and diversely well-informed practical procedures for individuals and populations to safely negotiate most local and world events which convey mental and/or physical harm to human life.

    Whatsoever the collective Consciousness of humanity and of all life on Earth expects to happen over the next few years and beyond, will happen. We are facing the ultimate proof that we really do create our own reality at all levels, both as individual aspects of Source, and as the collective Mind and Consciousness of the human race.
    By no means, does this mail-package or its messengers include intent to trigger or induce any form of distress with recipients. The sole intent of this communication is to offer recipients a naturally simple universal intention reform-catalyst which can be used as a means to any end.
    To those who have received previous deliveries of ENTHUSIASM’s evolving developments and those who are witnessing it for the first time, the main purpose of its existence has always been focused on being available when needed, (without any restrictions).
    Any perceived ideas or conceptions of people-helping, preaching, dictating or any other type of potentially intrusive or harmful intent belongs if they existed, would belong with their host and have no real connection with the intentions and purpose of ENTHUSIASM.
    The welcomed responses that we have received over the many years of developmental growth have been few and far between, but it was the lack of enthusiasm and passion that fuelled the development and discovery process.
    Please keep in mind that while there is willful harm to life associated with organized human activities, such as war, chemicals and conflicting Cultures, there shall be no true sustainable peace or happiness.
    It appears that the so called ‘Judgment Day’ has arrived. Multiplying life in non-expandable environment means change without consent! We actually are facing limited end-time life-options. We either allow people to be put down or executed without their consent or we change our foolish and destructive ways.
    If we have your e-mail address, you will find the most objectively logical and naturally universal share-at-will idea for sustainable natural change is now in your email attachment box! (Or will be when your address becomes available.)
    WMS Julia Ramsay warmich-australia


     Attached Activating File:
    ‘SOCIETIES REFORMED’- 22.12.2012
    Sally Dobson ….warmich-australia

    Submission Initiative: ‘ENTHUSIASM’

    Conception Date: 31.07.1991

    GAME-PLAN INTRODUCTION: A universal self-actuating people’s catalyst-plan designed as a powerful self-empowering tool used to immobilize the breeding conditions of global mental health disorders and socioeconomic conflicts.

    My name is Julia Ramsay and I am one of a growing collective of informed people who shares life enhancing information with population networks, with the common idea of improving the natural sustainability of life on Earth.

    Twenty years ago, who would have thought that we are all part of Corporate Human Resource Management organizations, whose waste products include millions of damaged people and vast amounts of non-returnable natural resources. With forecasts of worse to come and developing circumstances already changing our lives, the general meaning of sacrifice has already been upgraded to new levels of deception and population reduction agendas.

    Julia Ramsay nlp Life Assistant


    What NLP is and how it controls everyone’s life.

    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the use of word-meanings, which describes how the language of our mind produces the qualities of our behavior.
    NLP takes the viewpoint of looking at “how” the system works, not why.
    NLP has been mystified over the years and somewhat complicated by long technical words that confuse even the trained spotters amongst us.
    The official definition is that NLP is an attitude and a methodology that leaves behind a trail of techniques. That’s a bit of a mouthful in itself!
    In practical terms, it’s about continuous success.
    It’s about knowing that whatever someone else can do, so can you. This has been proven scientifically as well as seen from examples in the world. The well-known multi-millionaire Anthony Robbins started out as a Janitor before finding NLP.
    What you will discover, if you choose to further your path with NLP is that you will start achieving the things that you always wanted to do. Whether it be money, relationships, career, health or sports, NLP can and does create excellence in the area you choose to use it in.
    You will discover the HOW to do these and the many other techniques and be able to perform with the same consistency, allowing you to shift yourself and clients from the effect side of the equation to cause quickly and gracefully.
    The attitude of an NLP Practitioner is one of curiosity and experimentation. We know that there are many ways to get results, so the job of a good businessman or therapist is to have flexibility and good techniques!
    Next, the methodology, which is about modeling, the process of duplicating excellent behavior. Another person’s behavior can be duplicated by studying what that person does inside their head (language, filters, programs, etc.) to produce results.
    Since then, many others have contributed to the growth and development of the field. And finally, the trail of techniques created through this type of modeling is what is commonly known as NLP. The programs in this catalogue describe the many different techniques we teach and use.
    In-NLP-terms,-the-ability-to-gain-trust-with-anther-person-quickly-through-the-use-of–body-and-tone-of-voice. with students and parents and to aid in motivation; and of course, NLP is a profound set of tools for personal development.
    Can anyone do it?
    Sure you can surf the Internet! And we know you know computers, because you’re using one now! ¦.. but what about your mind?
    New technology finally makes it easy to understand how we think, how we communicate, and how we process emotions!
    If you understand anything about computers, you already understand something about how NLP works!
    Computers are about man-machine interface. NLP is about mind-body interface. The entire process is very similar! Maybe it’s time to learn about your own personal computer …..your mind!
    NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle. Its theoretical underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the insights of linguistics, body language, and the study of communication systems.
    NLP is the main method of controlling the thoughts and actions of whole populations.
    NLP offers the potential for making changes without the usual agony that accompanies these phenomena. Thus it affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity, and greater freedom of action than most of us now know.
    During your own DIY NLP Practitioner Training you can expect to learn how to:
     Master language & communication
     Always get agreement.
     Get the information you want, when you want it.
     Elegantly disagree with others, without offending them.
     Uncover hidden agendas.
     Get your point across without resistance.
     Use metaphors and stories with a purpose.
     Gain total control of your life.
     Move through yours and others internal blocks.
     Eliminating negative emotions.
     Make the right decisions.
     Get to know what you really want.
     Get motivated and stay motivated.
     Create the kind of future you really want.
    Understand your own internal time machine and how it creates your future..
     Eliminate limiting beliefs and decisions.
     Learn how to visualize your future so it’s more motivating and exciting for you.
    It looks like NLP is here to stay, so perhaps it’s time for you to get used to how it is already creating your life and make changes for the better.

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