Pain Relief World Summit – Healer’s Way comments here.

Last week, some of us in the Healer’s Way
community joined over 60,000 people worldwide
for the Pain Relief World Summit, a life-changing,
online event with a very clear goal:

To reveal a single, simple technique to make physical
pain obsolete.

>> find out about it right here:

Amazingly, many of those people have since
reported startling results … Some have been able
to greatly relieve conditions like back pain, knee
pain, arthritis, surgery pain or fibromyalgia.

Some have even been able to banish pain completely.

If you or a loved one are dealing with physical pain,
you’ll appreciate the info below …

The organizers of the Pain Summit are offering
one more chance to learn this valuable technique,
which they call ‘Tapping’.

Tapping merges ancient Chinese acupressure
and modern psychology into a surprisingly powerful
method of pain relief that you can practice yourself.
Without any equipment or prior experience.

>> Go here to learn more:

Please be sure to watch the video on the page.
It’s the story of a group of extraordinary women
dealing with pain in a unique and inspiring way.

Many blessings,

My name is Dawn DelVecchio and I’m delighted and honored to introduce myself to you.

I feel great appreciation for this opportunity to share with all of you my knowledge of energetic, emotional and physical healing gained over the course of almost 40 years. I’m really looking forward to this dialog, and to introducing you to some of the leaders and teachers on the cutting-edge of energy healing!

I’m also looking very forward to hearing from all of you. I want to know what’s important to you when it comes to energy healing. What do you want to learn more about? Which systems will enrich your life? What do you want for your own health, healing and wholeness – and that of your family? Tell me now or tell me later – leave your comments with questions, concerns or requests any time they arise. This blog is for you to find the healing answers you seek.

So let’s begin! I’ve written this first post to share with you some of my background – the forces that shaped me and how healing has been an integral part of the fabric of my life . . .

Oh! and even if you attended the Summit last week, the site is worth a few minutes of your time.


Because it’s got some brand new info on Tapping and pain relief that the organizers are revealing for the first time.

Eliminate pain NOW

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