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The Next Step

Many have spoken of going internally to the soul. It is indeed a good exercise that we have spoken of many times. However, the return to the soul is appropriate in many ways, but once reuniting, there is another important step.
Having a physical experience is important for the soul’s evolution. The participation leads to greater understanding for the complete energy to grow. Often while participating in the linear, the focus becomes so intense that the soulful energy becomes cut off from its core. Thus the advice of many linear practices to return to the soul.
Once returned, what does one accomplish? Does it alleviate all the turmoil that the dramatics of physical involvement brings?
Most likely not in the early moments. However, once reconnected, the soul having the linear experience may be able to bring the soulful energy into their physical more abundantly, thus alleviating any suffering that may be occurring.
Practice feeling what the souls says.
You have already silence much of the linear drama to get to the core of your soul. Now join with that energy while making choices in your physical linear life. List to the voice of your soul rather than the chatter of those who occupy space in your current physical environment.
Most of those energies are processing their own abilities to evolve and may be of no assistance in your development.
Attempt to listen only to the sounds of your own energy. That way you are acting instead of reacting, while on your path of evolution. Much better to be in charge than a follower.
Eventually all followers will be leaders if they allow this process to occur. God, Yahweh, Buddha, Christ, Source Energy, all favor the empowered moment rather than the follower moment.
All of source wishes to become mobile in whatever level of environment it currently resides. This is a natural process of energy. There is nothing to fear, only the self constructed facades that linger in your own mind.
Connect, blend, reestablish yourself as a soul while still being physical. Let your energy in. Participate.
It is the next step.”


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