SIOBHAN WILCOX – Quote Action of the Day

Your “QuoteAction” of the day:

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”
Winston Churchill

Your Action for today is …

‘to think of one person whom you are responsible for, and give yourself credit for what you provide this individual.’

Have an extraordinary day!

Wishing you Love, Light and Peace in your day.
Siobhan Wilcox

Be the change

that you want to see!


The Secrets Revealed from the World of Spirit

Sessions with Siobhan

I am originally from Ireland and now live in San Diego with my husband and two small boys. I love to share the messages I received from my Angels in my blog the The Angelic Messenger. I have been a metaphysical teacher for 14 years. I have been honored to be profoundly clairvoyant from an early age.

As an energy consultant and intuitive I have been working with the world of spirit for 20 years. It is my passion to help bring clarity and inspiration to my clients.

I am not a fortune teller. I read your energy, see your past-live’s and help you negotiate how to release blockages so you can raise your energy, health and happiness levels. I act as a bridge between my clients and the world of spirit. My gift of being able to hear directly from spirit has greatly helped others find more peace in their lives.
More About Me

I draw from my knowledge and experience gathered over the last 20 years. I have studied in the areas of Soul Memory Discovery, Color & Vibrational Healing, Reiki, Angel Therapy™, Stress Management, Gentle Yoga, to name but a few! When you book a session with me you get my 20 years of experience and my wealth of training. I have spent years in study and many lifetimes as a ‘Seer’ the result is clear and divine guidance for my clients. It is my joy to serve!

Siobhan Wilcox
3435 Camino Del Rio Sth, Suite 112
San Diego, CA 92108

[email protected]


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