ELSA P. – Reversals, Betrayals And A Tempest In A Teapot‏

There is intense focus on relationships this week. Even if you act independently it will be in relation to another person. You’ll see this to a point where it will be comical, even when it’s not funny. I’m talking about Venus here so money will be involved as well.

Heading into the weekend, Venus leaves Virgo for its home sign, Libra. It opposes Uranus in this process, so expect a lot of surprises that involve other people. Reversals are highly likely. He was gone and now he is back, or she was back and now she’s gone, type thing. Some of this stuff is going to be truly shocking.

Old lovers and other partners surface over the weekend as Venus squares Pluto. We’ll also see some truly disgusting betrayals (Venus Pluto) this week. I once told a client with Venus in Libra tied to Pluto, “That doily is going to be spoiled.” If this happens to you, while it will be painful, it will also be liberating (Uranus). You are also likely to see your own shadow in relationship this week and some will be stunned.Power struggles over money are likely. With Saturn in Venus-ruled Libra, being fair with others will pay off over time. You can also expect to see people shift their loyalty; hopefully this will be a move in your favor.

Good things will come of all this over time but in the moment I’d brace for a jolt(s) because it’s a virtual certainty you’ll get one. This does not mean it’s all bad. Pluto may degrade, heal or empower depending on how well one can cope when exposed to the shadow. A windfall of love, money or both is also possible under a sky like this. You may also get a kiss with a slap (a doily with an ink stain). Read more about the Venus, Uranus, Pluto t-square here – Love, Money and Sudden Death.

With things this unpredictable, it’s best to fall back on faith and maintain your perspective and your sense of humor (Jupiter). If it’s not good today that doesn’t count out tomorrow.

As for scheduling, Monday is the most innocuous, least distracting day of the week. By Tuesday, the Sun, Moon and Venus will be caught up in a grand cross with Uranus and Pluto so they’ll be a lot going on.

I’d not automatically dread this as it may be better to see things contained rather than open-ended. Think “tempest in a teapot” as opposed to widespread destruction. Here again, your view of things (Jupiter) makes all the difference. Things may happen fast but that doesn’t mean they happen”wrong“.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,

Elsa P


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