Celebrate Your Life! – November 4 – 7, 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona

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Dailey Inspiration for Living Your Ultimate Life!




I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to join me at a life-changing event that will uplift, inspire and bring passion into your life!


Join this year’s Celebrate Your Life conference taking place on November 4 – 7, 2011 in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. This year’s conference features bestselling authors Dr. Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Neale Donald Walsch, Lisa Williams, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Harville Hendrix, John Holland, Gregg Braden, Dr. Andrew Weil and many more powerful presenters.


The event will take place at the breathtaking JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa. Special room rates for Celebrate Your Life attendees are now available for only $197 per night. To obtain our special conference rate you must tell the Resort that you are with Celebrate Your Life.


“This event is truly amazing, guaranteed to be like no other conference you have ever been too. My good friend and organizer Liz Dawn makes this event feel like one big family. Every year it just gets better and better. A weekend of metamorphisis: mind, body and soul!!!” Shayne Traviss – Founder of VividLife.me


Stay tuned for our upcoming interviews on VividLife Radio with many of the Celebrate Your Life presenters including: Doreen Virtue, Lisa Williams, Denise Linn, James Van Praagh, Neale Donald Walch, Alan Cohen, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza and more!


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Shayne Traviss, Founder
Three Ways To Get You Through The Day (and Night)
by Ed & Deb Shapiro

What does it take to get you through the day or night? When things are not going your way or they look topsy-turvy and you just want to scream; when your life appears chaotic and you are not sure if you are coming or going; when it feels like it is all piled on your shoulders, then this is the ideal moment to just stop, be still, and breathe.


Life is an exciting and outrageous adventure. Isn’t it a wonder how a spider weaves a web or a bee makes a hive? Did you ever notice the everyday miracles, like your breath? Isn’t it amazing that this greatest wonder of it all is right under your nose?


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Enjoy this mind Meditation Video

Meditation helps us manage our thoughts and feelings. In this meditation we observe our thoughts. This helps us build awareness of how our mind works and softens our reactive patterns. After watching this meditation we recommend that you find some quiet time when you can practice noticing the space between your thoughts.


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The Power of Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

Possibility 101 host Shasta Townsend chats with Sharon Salzberg on Real Happiness, the power of Meditation. Sharon will explain how meditation works and why a daily meditation practiceresults in more resiliency, creativity, peace, clarity, and balance. 

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Deeper than Words with Tony Samara

Life with Direction host Sharon Quirt chats with Tony Samara on his new book “Deeper than Words” Tony will encourage you to understand the depth of who you really are and how to experience the Divine in each and every moment


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Meditation brings wisdom; lack of mediation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.
Tune in Live this week on VividLife Radio to any of our amazing shows, or if you can’t tune in live, remember all of our shows are available on demand anytime…


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Monday August 29 2PM EST listen to Inspired Business with Michele Molitor and co-host Mai Vu as they talk about Anything you Wantand challenge themselves and You the listeners, to tap into place of what worth doing and do more of THAT!


Tuesday August 30 11AM EST listen to Connections Radio with Cynthia James and Jordan Paul as they chat Maria Teresa’s on her efforts in Latino rights, including, but not exclusively, getting The Dream Act enacted. The Dream Act gives young men and women who grew up in this country but were brought here illegally, a chance to become citizens and contribute to America by serving in the Armed Forces and going to college

Wednesday August 31 2PM EST listen to Life with Direction with Sharon Quirt as she chats with Dr. Shefali Tsabary on Conscious Parenting. Shefali lectures extensively on Mindful Living and Conscious Parenting around the world and currently has a private psychotherapy practice in New York city. Her first book, “It’s a Mom: What you should know about the early years of motherhood” debuted on the Indian bestseller list for four weeks. “The Conscious Parent” is her second book.


Wednesday August 31 4PM EST listen to Possibility 101 with Shasta Townsend as she chats with Yogini Desiree Rambaugh on Yoga to the Rescue; how to transform a lifetime of experience with the most extremes of emotions and tragedy to a life of possibility


Friday September 10AM EST listen to Intuitive Insights and Distant Energy Healing with Jenn Royster as she chats with this weeks special guest Monique Chapman, a leading international Intuition Lifestyle Consultant and Transformation Movement expert well-known in the arena of personal empowerment coupled with intuitive skills. Monique has over 3 decades of experience inspiring individuals and small businesses to achieve their optimal potential. Jenn and Monique will be taking your calls during the show.


Friday September 02 12 PM EST listen to Magic of Life with Max Ryan as he chats with his special guest Tina Greenbaum on an online teaching program called the Couples Survival Toolkit. A 5 week course will reach the assists in helping couples improve their relationships: mind, body and soul.

Let us introduce you to…

Liz Dawn Donahue

CEO & Co-Founder of Mishka Productions and the Celebrate Your Life conference, not only is Liz Dawn fabulous at creating magnificent spiritual events, she is also an expert on dysfunctional dating, but she is an expert on how to stop dating and create a healthy loving relationship. She is not a relationship expert, but rather focuses on the dating process and how to find your life partner. Liz has vast personal experience of dating and dating and dating and dating until she was 47 years old and finally figured out the formula to stop dating and find love. At age 49, Liz put everything she learned into action and found her life partner and married for the first time. She and her husband Jeff, are an amazing example of a spiritual, compassionate and loving partnership.


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