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Entrant Name:
Catherine Anne C,
Toronto, ON

Story Title: FATE can take a role in one’s life, yet the Voice Inside Oneself is the Key to one’s own sense of ‘Joy and Purpose’, so listen carefully.My Story: The story begins with a middle aged single mother of four, faced with a life altering experience…

A lifetime ago, sitting in a meeting with a client, I was disrupted by a phone call informing me that my teen-aged Mom/daughter and grand-daughter had to be driven to me immediately, as they were in danger at their home and couldn’t live their anymore.

This day began a journey I would not replace for anything in life …

Already having two girls at home in a tiny condo, I now had three teens and a baby in that space.

Chaos opened its doors!

Nailed to my home, I turned to the internet to work; began blogging and meeting other women with challenges.

This led me to an offer I couldn’t refuse, Sales Director for a Women’s magazine just starting up. Yahoo! I could build a life from home.

When this fell apart a year later, I was left with the team I had built, the website we created and a pile of invoices from my own associates.

What to do?

Fate took over.

August 2009 my car was side swiped, causing severe damages to my back, head and shoulder. Now, in recovery thinking…while my friend, Bert McCallum pushing me to “do something with this site…You have the tools.”

My thoughts tell me “How many women in this world are ‘nailed to the floor’ in some way or another and struggle to ‘reach for the stars’.

These women become invisible and some lose hope.

One day a voice came to me and said “YOU are not thinking big enough, not ‘just’ a magazine.” Take the site global, as the internet offers you
the ‘stars’.

My brain created the idea of Celebrating Women’s Lives, those that rise above challenge, to NEVER GIVE UP. For my own girls, I would be a Power of Example, if I didn’t ‘Give Up’.

As so it was…taking one little website, working 18/7, I created A Celebration of Women, now read 210 countries and growing daily!

I now plan Celebration House, a residential home missioned to help Women Achieve!

March 2011, I was graced with Charity Foundation status..


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