VERONICA – Spiritual Messages ‘Dismiss the Trivia’

A New Message From VERONICA

Dismiss The Trivia


“When one decides to embark upon a physical incarnation it is from a place of peace and clarity. The denseness of the linear that unfolds often tends to confuse and depress souls that are seeking evolution.

The younger souls complain, “This is just too hard” , while the older souls lament “Why did I come here?”

There is a great deal of pressure put upon those who strive to live a life void of difficulty. It seems from every corner another debacle rears it head even before the previous one has resolved itself. Most are weary of the fight. Most begin to feel victim of an unfriendly universe. The real tragedy is that most begin to doubt their own creative abilities due to what is around them. The focus upon creating opportunity to evolve is compromised by the loss of confidence.

When faced with all the diversity one must remain steadfast. Remind yourself of what you are capable of by remaining focused on the goal.

Stirring up your energy is often a good remedy. By doing so one can often become reacquainted with a key ingredient within that was lost in the shuffle before.

Do not let opinions of others deter you from success. You all live in a culture that is full of opinions. It does not mean they are factual or strong enough to affect your path.

Remain focused.

Dismiss the Trivia.

Be confident. Make it your business to know yourself. Acknowledge your abilities.

No opinion can change who you are at a core level.

You are capable.”

* April Crawford is a True Deep Trance Full Body Spiritual Channel and Medium.
* Briefly, what this means is that April Crawford can allow herself to smoothly enter into a deep trance state, essentially leaving her physical body to allow other non-physical independent conscious beings and guides to have conversations with you about a wide range of topics with virutally zero distortion or “coloring” by April (because she is not there).
* In this regard, April Crawford is one of the most naturally adept Open Deep Trance Channels in the world.

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