VERONICA ~ “In Regard to Relationships”

A New Message From VERONICA

In Regard To Relationships


“In regard to relationships with others, the image of the self plays a huge role in how they are played out in the linear.

It is very difficult to love another if one does not love themselves.

We are not speaking of a physical attraction, which is often labeled as love. We are speaking of the deep connection that has roots in the unconditional.

A good look at how you participate in your own energy will help you in how you love others in a relationship.

Start by being aware of your own energy. How often do you feel in harmony with yourself? If you are at odds in a relationship, more than likely you are finding difficulty in your own energy.

Everything in the reality you participate in is based on an ebb and flow of energy. This is true right down to the molecules that create the solid moments.

By taking care of your energy you enable yourself to attract energies that match your own.

So, if you are only participating half way with your own energy, you are going to attract someone who is half of what you really want.

Tend to the garden that is yours. By doing so you create through the ebb and flow someone who is worthy of participating with you.

If you are already in a relationship, keeping your energy balanced will help bring clarity to the union. You may find they are not so attractive after all.

Being honest with the self and nurturing your relationships with your self will bring forward the perfect opportunity.

Consider the love of self. It may remedy all the difficulty.”

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