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has agreed to support the work of our friend, Dr. Shabnam Nazli. She and I, Catherine Anne Clark, are staying in close contact, as we are working together to help these young women in Pakistan. Her efforts are facing challenges, and the time has come for the Women of our World to graciously
Take Action, here at A Celebration of Women.

A Celebration of Women will work this season of 2011 – 2012 to raise as much funding for the Hope Foundation that we can, and the Women of our World are depending on the generosity of YOU to come through with compassion and consideration. Let’s all Take Action and keep this wonderful organization going with their doors open; and not watch another Women’s Organization close down due to political change and a lack of priority.


as this amazing organization’s existence is in desparate need and we have a Mission to Deliver of $75, the end of 2012.

Meeting with Senator, Pakistan ~ August 2011


…a Letter to the Founder of A Celebration of Women


Dear Sister Catherine Anne Clark,

Greetings from Hope Development Organization Pakistan (National NGO). Dr. Shabnam Nazli Chairperson of Hope Development Organization & former Chairman Mr. Rashad Javed meet Senator Akbar Khawaja PPP on August 5, 2011 to discuss few important issues related to Peace & Human rights situation in Pakistan. And explained the challenges what Pakitani NGO’s are facing right now; like it is difficult to work for Peace and Equality in an environment of deep-seated traditionalism.

Terrorism, Political, Instability, Bad economy, Weak information from Media, Wrong image, International Laws & Policies of Foundations, Ignorance for this region made it more harder. World complain and demand change in this country & that should be but it could not happen with the behavior of Ignorance.”span>

Senator totally agrees with alarming issues and showed keen interest in HDO mission, meeting goes well in very friendly atmosphere. A kind true people like Senator A K are only hope for Pakisnati societies. HDO administration gives him honor and values his efforts & connection.

Regards, love and peace
Dr. Shabnam Nazli
Chairperson: Hope Development Organization




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