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After spending most of the summer enduring the harsh effects of the cardinal grand cross, we are graced this week with a grand trine in earth involving the Sun, Pluto and both the benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter. Most everyone will receive some type of solid, reliable, tangible support out of this. Some will receive a giant (Jupiter) kiss (Venus).

This grand trine spells “satisfaction”. The effects of the grand trine peak under the new moon in Virgo which occurs late in the evening on Sunday the 28th (US). Between now and then, gifts roll in. It will offer protection all week but with the Sun and Venus in Virgo, details matter so here are some finer points:
Thursday, you may feel your back against the wall as Saturn squares the Moon and Mars. It may not be pleasant but there is bound to be something going right in your life which will allow you to put your problem in perspective. Friday, Mercury turns direct so if you’ve been waiting to buy or sign something, you’re in the clear.
The weekend through Monday is dominated by the grand trine. Big (Jupiter) ideas (Mercury) that transform (Pluto) will be on offer. These are earth signs we’re dealing with so there is nothing fluffy about this. Any philosophy (Jupiter) you develop at this time will be grounded and bring real results, particularly in the love and money (Venus) realms. Monday is an especially auspicious day to close a deal.
Tuesday and Wednesday, the Moon hits some bumps as it leaves Virgo for Libra in hard aspect to Uranus and Pluto and Saturn. Most of us have dealt with worse all summer long and had far less support so I’d not invest too much energy in angst. Enjoy your week!
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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
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