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With Mars squaring Saturn, you’ll probably be fighting an uphill battle this week but not without distraction. Whether this is good or bad is open for debate.

We spent most of the summer pinned down under the Cardinal grand cross. The upside of that is that it forced people to focus. Some things snapped under pressure but other things improved.

This week calls for perseverance but the stellium in Leo (including Venus) opposing Neptune invites people to dream of love and money they are not likely to be able to lay their hands on in the real world. It’s the kind of aspect that has a guy in debt up to his neck, pick up the check for the group in a showy display; deluding himself about the consequences of his action.

On the upside, if you combine the pressure to perform (Mars Saturn) with the dreamy creative energy conjured up by the planets in Leo opposing Neptune, artistic types can really shine. I don’t think masterpieces come into being without an awful lot of effort. This is a nice set-up on that level. Work hard to be creative.

Monday, Venus leaves Leo for Virgo, the sign that rules work. If you were inspired over these last days or if you merely escaped, you now have to deal with details. Expect irritation because Virgo-ruler Mercury is still retrograde. You can compare this to enjoying a great show and then you get to the parking lot and everyone is jammed in and trying to get out. Manners help here, especially with Saturn in Libra. Er…hold you fire!

Tuesday the Sun joins Venus in Virgo. This increases awareness of the inefficiency that is a given when Mercury is retrograde. With Neptune opposing the planets in Virgo, no is going to know who is at fault. Expect a lot of projecting and blaming where everyone claims that they are the clean (Virgo) saint (Neptune). Mercury is in Leo so if you can think of this as entertainment, it should be less upsetting.

We end the week with the Moon in Cancer. Insecurities of all kinds surface but if you take this as a call to action (Mars Saturn) and work to improve your situation, you are bound to progress and it may wind up paying you handsomely in the future.

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,

Elsa P

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