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In less than 48 hours, the UN Security Council will meet again to discuss Palestine’s bid to become the 194th country.

Already 700,000 of us have joined the campaign. But we need more of us to shift key countries to vote in favour.

Avaaz has made a powerful short video that tells the real story and why this is the best chance for peace.

Click to watch it and send it to everyone — let’s get 1 million signers now:

As violence sparks again and tensions rise in the Middle East, a new proposal for Palestinian independence is gaining steam across the globe — if we can push it through the UN, it could open a new path to peace.

But key governments are still on the fence and to tip them to support independence we need to ramp up public pressure. Many people don’t feel they understand the situation well enough to take action. To help, Avaaz has made a new short video that tells the real story about the conflict. If enough people see it, sign the petition and forward it to everyone — our leaders will be forced to listen.

Almost 10 million of us are receiving this email. Let’s change the conversation about the Middle East and build a tidal wave of support for Palestinian independence before the UN Security Council meets to discuss this initiative next week. Click below to watch the video, sign the petition, and forward this email to everyone:


While the majority of Palestinian and Israeli people want a solution to the conflict based on two states, the Israeli extremist government continues to approve the building of settlements in contested areas — fueling hate and bloodshed. Despite repeated efforts, decades of US-led peace talks have failed to rein-in the peace killers and get an agreement.

Right now, this independence proposal could be the best chance for years to break the stalemate, avoid another spiral into violence and level the playing field between the two parties to favour negotiations.

Last month, the Palestinians presented their bid at the Security Council. Over 120 countries support them, but the US rejects the proposal, and is sending a clear message to its European allies that supporting the legitimate Palestinian bid will strain bilateral relations. It is now up to us to tell key European leaders that public opinion is behind this diplomatic non-violent push and that citizen opinion should influence policy choices, instead of the preferences of the American government.

Our campaign is exploding across the world — Almost 700,000 of us joined the call in the first days! It has been on the front page of major news media, cited at the UN Security Council, and tweeted by the Palestinian president himself! Now let’s make sure it resounds in the ears of key European leaders whose support is critical. Click below to watch the video, sign the petition if you haven’t yet, and forward this email to everyone — let’s reach 1 million signers:


There is much misinformation about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and many of us feel unsure about getting involved. But this short film lays it out clearly and can empower us to act. As a nearly 10 million-strong global network in every country in the world, we have the chance to provoke a vote that could turn the tide on decades of violence.

With hope,

Alice, Pascal, Emma, Ricken, David, Rewan, and the Avaaz team


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