5 evidence that female business is more successful than male

It is believed that men are more successful in running and owning a business than women.

But is it true?

According to the research by Aston University, the number of new female entrepreneurs over the world has risen far faster than men in the past decade. Over the last few years, the proportion of women that went into business rose by 45%, compared to just 27% among men. At the global level, Canada has the highest absolute rate of female entrepreneurs. This shows that women are dedicated to making their business successful. If you also want to make your business successful then reading this Russel Brunson review should be very high on your priorities.

Having women on company boards leads to better financial performance. Studies show that organizations, where female made up at least 15% of senior management, were 50% more successful than those where less than 10% of senior managers were women.

In fact, women are actually better managers than their male colleges. They are less emotional and more effective. Here are five pieces of evidence that women in business outperform men.

1. Women make better decisions in high-stress situations

Under low-stress situations, female entrepreneurs and men make decisions equally good. But when it comes to making decisions under pressure, men take more risks. They can make a really questionable decision while being focused on big wins. Unlike men, women tend to think everything through, looking for smaller, but surer success. And no doubts making a better decision under stress is a good advantage in the business world.

To sum up, when business things are going smoothly, both women and men are good at decision-making. But today’s business world is constantly getting more stressful. And the more stressful everything gets, the better decisions female entrepreneurs will make. That’s why companies with female CEOs outperform those with male CEOs by 50%!

2. Women are better managers

Recent studies show that women have certain characteristics that make them better managers. They manage businesses in some different ways than men do. Female managers are more patient with the employees, and they are better listeners. And these are the most critical skills for managing team and customers. Also, they are better in paper work.

3. Women are better communicators

Good communication skill is crucial in business. Building trust and strong relationships with the team is necessary for success. If someone has a problem, it needs to be quickly resolved so that the team can get back on track.

So, imagine the situation that someone from the team is struggling with a problem. A man would probably call him lazy and say a few interesting phrases in his direction. So this person would feel miserable and eventually he would quit (or would be fired).

Unlike a man, a woman would notice that this person has some problems and she would ask him to share his feelings. Maybe he doesn’t have time to finish his college paper. So, a female entrepreneur would recommend to find here some help, or she would give some other advice. Women take time to see the employees as real people and not just as worker bees. It can help build bonds with one another and connect on a personal level. Strong and happy team is a key to success.

4. Women are better in finance

According to researches, companies run by women make over three times as much money as those run by men. Because women set goals that can be achieved, they reach their sales goals more often than men. They simply set more realistic goals, and that is a key ingredient in running a successful business. Hence, female entrepreneurs make fewer mistakes and lose less money. In addition, women are less likely to take on a large amount of debt.

Also, they are more ambitious when it comes to growth. The latest studies claim that 47% of women are ready to start another business over the next few years compared to just 18% of men.

5. Women are better at multitasking

Multitasking is an essential business skill. And there is a clear evidence that women are better in doing several things at once. It’s been like this since forever. Just think about it. The only thing that men had to do was hunting, while women were looking after kids, their old parents, cooking and doing lots of other stuff. And men? They were just chilling on the couch after the hard day of hunting. So, no wonder that women developed better multitasking skills. They can handle multiple customers, manage staff and make some orders. That’s why they are more successful in business and they are more likely to improve company performance.

And the bottom line – female-owned companies are more successful when it comes to optimization, friendly working environment, and personnel loyalty. Female entrepreneurs outperform men in goal-setting, ability to innovate and they are simply more effective leaders. Statistically women are more likely to work collaboratively and listen to others’ ideas in decision-making process. And every good leader knows that collaboration matters if you want to get the best results.

Thanks to Nicole Lewis

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