How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

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When you first move into a new house, it can take a while to feel comfortable with your new surroundings. It might seem weird like you are staying in someone else’s house, and you are intruding. Though this is a normal feeling, there are things you can do to make your new home feel a little more normal, and fast. The important thing is to get the basics right; then you can build from there.

Get the Basics Right

You have spent weeks checking out houses in Seattle, and you have now found your perfect place and moving day has arrived. When you first come through the door to your new home, you want to ensure that all the basics are covered before you go any further. If you have planned the move adequately, then you should have a box with your essential items such as toilet roll, kettle, coffee or tea and snacks. You may want to make life easier for yourself and use a sack truck for moving boxes around with.

The first thing you need to do is unpack this box and make sure the toilet is clean, and the kitchen is ready. Not only will this make the new place feel a little homelier, but it will also help out your movers while they are hard at work. Another essential is to make sure all the lights work in your new home, you might be moving and unpacking late into the night, so you need to know there will be lights working.

Get the Beds Ready First

One of the last items on the moving truck and the first thing you need to put together are the beds and arrange them as you want. You can make this a job for one of your helpers to make sure they are all put together, and new bedding is put on them. Moving day will be long and tiring, so when you are finished, it will be nice to jump straight into your old familiar bed instead of sleeping on the floor surrounded by boxes.

Have a Plan Before You Move In

You will have seen your new home several times before you bought it, so you should have a good idea where you want everything to go. However, it still needs a little planning so that it all runs smoothly. When you are looking around, make a note of where the sockets are and the television cables. That way, before you move in, you can create a plan of the house and start to place things where they need to go. It will make the job of moving in much easier, and it will prevent you from having to move everything around again later.

Keep Children Busy

If you have children, they will be excited about this new adventure. However, that excitement might soon turn to boredom as the day progresses. It is important to have things they can do while you are busy moving boxes and unpacking, so try to think ahead.

You could move your children’s boxes into their rooms early on and encourage them to start unpacking. They will be busy in there for a while and it they might find toys while they work that will keep them busy.

The other option for older kids is to make sure the television and their games console are set up as soon as possible. They can then spend time playing their games while you unpack. For younger children, it can be difficult to look after them while your moving, so it may be a good idea to have someone babysit them at their house until later.

Recreate a Familiar Sight or Sound

Sights and sounds are a big part of your life, and there may be certain ones that remind you of home. If you have a clock or a radio that is always on in the background, then recreating that ambience will help to make you feel settled.

The same applies to your normal routines, if you always wake up to coffee and the news, then make sure the television and the coffee machine are ready for you in the morning. It will be a nice reminder, and help you to start the day in the right way. You can even keep your old rack for your keys or coat stand that you had in your old house. They will be familiar objects, and if they work for you, then they are worth keeping.

Resist Bringing in New Furniture Right Away

With a new home, there is the temptation to get rid of all the old furniture and start afresh. However, if you bring in lots of new furniture and ornaments into your new home straight away, you will be making it feel even more alien to you and your family. There is nothing wrong with buying new furniture, though maybe you should wait a few weeks before you start making big ticket purchases.

Create Familiar Smells in the Home

If you like to have perfume or air fresheners in your home, then take them with you and use them from the beginning. The familiar fragrance will be a nice reminder of your old home and help to remove the stale air, especially if the house has been closed for a while. It doesn’t have to be a special smell either, as long as it reminds you of your old home, that will be enough.

Arrange a House Warming/Decorating Party

As soon as you have finished unpacking you will most likely want to start decorating your new home as soon as possible. One way that you can bring a little piece of home to you and get the job done quickly is to organize a housewarming and decorating party. All you need are some willing friends or family, some drinks and some music. By having familiar faces around you will make you feel more at home, and it will get the decorating done a lot quicker. If you’ve moved to somewhere like fox run estates columbia il, you might even want to invite some of your new neighbours round!

Moving into a new home doesn’t have to be an alien and unnerving experience. If you plan the move correctly, you should be able to bring some of your old home with you.

Thanks to Carol Trehearn

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