Five Reasons Egg Freezing May Benefit Your Present and Your Future

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Freezing-Eggs-768x561Many people question whether egg freezing is the right option for them. It’s not a question that can be answered objectively, since each individual’s situation is different. But here are some things to take into consideration when answering this question for yourself.

You could be receiving medical treatment that may jeopardize your fertility.

You may be career-oriented and want to wait to start a family.

Your biological clock may be ticking, but you haven’t found the right partner yet.

Your personal reasons to freeze your eggs may be different than other women’s, but your end goal is the same: to preserve your fertility and have a child when you are ready.

When freezing your eggs, you ideally want to increase the odds of having a healthy baby when you decide the time is right. As you age, your ability to have children decreases, along with an increased likelihood your baby won’t develop normally. You can even calculate your fertility to determine if it’s the right time to freeze your eggs.

Since the 1970s, advancement in fertility treatments have been opening doors of choice that remained sealed shut to many women in the past. Couples that previously lost the chance to enjoy the miracle of childbirth due to personal circumstances may now have a reason to celebrate the future with egg freezing.

Benefit #1 – Having a Baby Later in Life

It wasn’t until 2012 the American Society for Reproductive Medicine removed the “experimental” label on egg freezing. Since then, the number of women choosing this procedure has climbed steadily. In fact, some companies are embracing this technology, offering it as a part of their benefit package to employees.

According to Life Quest, freezing your eggs when younger and in good health protects your ability to have children later on, and helps you gain control over your reproductive life. The flash-freeze process, vitrification, ensures limited ice crystallization, improved egg survival, and increased success rates.

Benefit #2 – Preserves Fertility When Medical Issues Arise

Life is full of twists and turns – you never know when health issues may threaten your fertility. Radiation treatment and chemotherapy can cause damage to your ovaries, and impair the ability to have a child naturally.

Thanks to modern technology, women can prepare themselves by freezing their eggs prior to any sort of medical therapies that may affect their fertility.

Benefit #3 – No Partner Necessary

Many women start to feel their biological clock ticking before they are ready to settle down with someone, or they just can’t seem to find the right partner. It’s important that the person you’re having children with is the same person you want to share your life with– a baby does not bring two people closer together that aren’t meant for each other.

Vitrification gives you extra time to find the person of your dreams without sabotaging your chances of delivering a perfect, healthy baby.

Benefit #4 – Professional Reasons: Career First

Some women freeze their eggs to focus on their careers, which gives them more freedom to decide when they should have a child. Unfortunately, many women find it difficult to advance in a career after starting a family, and many end up choosing between their child and the job they love.

Fortunately, some companies like Apple and Facebook now offer the option of freezing your eggs as a benefit. Women with this option may not feel so compelled to quit and start a family simply because of their age.

Women may also opt to freeze their eggs because they aren’t financially ready to support a child.

Best Time to Freeze Your Eggs

Women reach their peak fertility in their 20s; by age 35, fertility declines rapidly. By age 45 the chances of a woman getting pregnant with her own eggs decreases to only 10 percent. The chance of miscarrying or having chromosomal issues with your baby also rapidly rises after age 35.

Experts say the best time to freeze your eggs is somewhere between your late 20s to your early 30s.

Are There Risks To Egg Freezing?

There are no proven risks to egg freezing that jeopardize reproductive health. In addition, there are no increased neonatal risks for embryos developed using frozen eggs.

Final Words: Your Present, Your Future

eggbankEgg freezing as a fertility treatment choice is excitingly gaining momentum. It is a viable option for any woman that isn’t ready to have a child just yet, can’t find the right partner, is focused on her career, would like to be a little more financially stable, or is at increased risk for infertility because of medical issues.

Take the time to decide if freezing your eggs and preserving your fertility are important to you. If so, feel free to explore different egg bank networks to find out how easy it is to get started!

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