Ending the Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada‏

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I am thrilled to be the new President and CEO of the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Since starting this position last month, I have traveled across the country meeting with our amazing board, donors, staff, grantees and volunteers. It is clear to me why the Foundation has succeeded all these years – through your endless support. I am moved by your enthusiasm and dedication, which has fueled my passion and commitment to helping Canadian women and girls.

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People are very excited about the Foundation’s work in the coming years, especially in ending human trafficking in Canada. With the leadership position taken by the Canadian Women’s Foundation in launching the Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada, and the near future recommendations of a National Anti-Trafficking Strategy, I am confident that we can find a solution to end sex trafficking of girls and women in Canada.

Co-Chairs, Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada

Sometimes referred to as ‘modern day slavery‘, human trafficking is an extreme form of violence that exploits Canada’s most vulnerable girls and women.

cwf co chairsTraffickers can receive as much as $280,000 per year for each woman or girl they sexually exploit and force into prostitution. The younger the girl, the more money they make.

Through our consultations with 250 organizations and 150 survivors of sex trafficking we learned that many girls are 13-years-old when they are first trafficked into forced prostitution in Canada.

For years, the Canadian Women’s Foundation has funded community programs that help women and girls to escape sexual exploitation and rebuild their lives. We are taking leadership to develop a national anti-trafficking strategy with the launch of our Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada.

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Mina Mawani,
President and CEO

Canadian Women’s Foundation

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