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Dear Friends,

jean-houston-320In every age, there are those who are inspired to imagine and initiate improvements to their world that change the course of history. They are not just the popular heroes and heroines who we are taught about in school, but they are the quiet ones who had the calling, the courage and vision to offer their ideas and efforts in meaningful ways.

Perhaps you are one of these people. The swiftly changing social and environmental situations are hoping that if you are, you will come forward.

I’ve been thinking about what it takes to be a successful Change Agent. From the vantage point of my many years, I have witnessed some of the most successful social entrepreneurs as well as those who have had brilliant intentions, but not accomplished what they had hoped to.

Next week I would like to bring you ideas on how to emancipate that voice within you that wants you to do more with your life and use your creative energy in ways that benefit your deepest aspirations. Whether you’re involved with children, education, community projects, girl’s and women’s empowerment, elders, health, environmental or political concerns, my insights may just provide the valuable information that can make the difference between success and failure of any endeavor.

At 5 pm, on February 11th, I’d like to share what I call, “Critical Insights for the Successful Change Agent.” For an hour, I’ll give you some of the most important tips on what it takes to transform your visions into positive action. There is no charge for the program. The cost of admission is only that you bring a willing heart and a desire to be more, learn more and share more of yourself and your gifts.

These thoughts have arisen as a result of conversations that I’ve been having during the development of a new Masters and Ph.D. program that I’ve developed with Meridian University. It is a program specifically designed for those who want to develop specialized degrees in leadership and social transformation based on my work. The curriculum is designed as a next step in developing personal competencies, professional skills, and the local and global knowledge to enter cultures, to create and run organizations, to gather and empower fellow change makers for collaborating on joint projects, and so much more.

To get started, please take advantage of my experience in becoming a powerful Change Agent for our times and mark your calendar for our free teleconference call,

“Critical Insights for the Successful Change Agent.”
Tuesday, February 11, 2014
5-6 pm Pacific Standard Time

To register for this free program or for further details on the program, CLICK HERE.

You are also welcome to simply call us at (707) 765-1836 for more information.

With great love and excitement,

Jean Houston

PS. For information on the Masters and Ph.D. program in Leadership and Social Transformation, please join us at 10 am, on Saturday, February 15th.

CLICK HERE for registration.

Jean Houston Seminars
2305 C Ashland St. P.M.B. 501
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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