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Make this the year you advance your careerThe best way to advance your career is to develop sharper skills, greater understanding, deeper knowledge and increased confidence.

Our courses have been specifically designed with you in mind, to help increase your ability to step into the next level of your career. Taken together or individually they will help you:

  • Understand your worth
  • Create opportunities Influence outcomes
  • Increase your confidence
  • Advance your career

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Upcoming Toronto Courses & Workshops:

THE PROCESS OF INFLUENCE – in partnership with Knightsbridge
Learn how to Elevate Your Influence as a business leader and become a Woman of Influence.
Toronto: January 28, 2014  register >

– in partnership with Queen’s School of Business
This powerful 2-day program teaches senior managers and executives to communicate more effectively, develop their executive presence, and forge higher quality relationships with customers and colleagues.

Toronto: January 28-29, 2014  register >

Connecting with Power is a hands on highly participatory course designed for aspiring women that want mentors, champions and resource teams to help them succeed faster and better.

Toronto: January 30, 2014  register >

MASTERING ME – with Christine Laperriere
Be more confident, passionate and persuasive. See yourself, your opportunities, and your strengths more clearly. Learn to lead by intention and handle challenging people and situations.

Toronto: February 7, 2014  register >

THE ART OF COLLABORATION – in partnership with Knightsbridge
Learn how to practice effective communication and inter-personal skills when dealing with peers, subordinates and superiors on current projects or initiatives you are involved in.
Toronto: February 18, 2014  register >

– in partnership with Queen’s School of Business
This two-week Program consists of two one-week modules. It has been designed for executives within mining and related service industries around the world. 

Toronto: February 24-28, 2014  register >

BUILDING THE BEST TEAM EVER – with Sheeba Varghese
The greatest indicator of long term success is one’s ability to build and motivate a stellar team. We succeed not by what we do but by how well we touch and inspire others to do more; faster, better and with greater creativity and skill than we could ever do.

Toronto: February 27, 2014  register >

BUSINESS FINANCE FOR EVERYONE – in partnership with Queen’s School of Business
In this one-day learning simulation, the program has the participants form the management team of A&O Inc. – an established company that is facing some tough challenges. 

Toronto: March 6, 2014  register >

STRATEGIC NETWORKING – in partnership with Knightsbridge
Establishing connections and building strategic business relationships to augment your career-boosting efforts.
Toronto: March 18, 2014  register >

FIND YOUR PASSION – Carolyn Lawrence

This workshop will inspire and explore what it is you want to do, whether striving for more at your current employer, or breaking out to something new and actualizing the dream by writing a professional bio infused with your authentic passion to help you close the gap from where you are to where you want to be.
Toronto: March 27, 2014  register >

STRATEGIC ANALYTICS – in partnership with Queen’s School of Business
Queen’s Strategic Analytics Program will show you how to deploy analytics in new and powerful ways. The program provides hands-on experience with the concepts, tools, and techniques that can help your organization to effectively implement strategic objectives at all levels. 

Toronto: March 25-26, 2014  register >

– in partnership with THREE DEGREES Board and Executive Network
A course designed for CEO and Senior Executive Leaders (and up and coming Board Talent).

Toronto: April 3, 2014  register >

This highly interactive workshop is designed to help you discover,  build, and leverage your powerful and authentic self into a personal brand that utilizes your most authentic self, your best strengths, and your most ardent passions.

Toronto: April 24, 2014  register >

SALES MANAGEMENT – in partnership with Queen’s School of Business
Queen’s Sales Management Program is an intensive immersion in cutting-edge sales management concepts, tools and methods. It will enhance your ability to create and lead a high-performance sales organization. 

Toronto: April 29-May 1, 2014  register >

MARKETING – in partnership with Queen’s School of Business
This intensive, 3-day Program covers the essentials of marketing. It will enhance your ability to build powerful marketing plans that create real value for your customers and drive sustained profitable growth. 

Toronto: May 15, 2014  register >

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