August 25th, a very important portal will open!


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✿ ✿ Peace Portal Activation August 25th 2013 ✿ ✿
✿ ♥“Twin” Star of David Star Tetrahedron Merkaba ✿

On August 25th, a very important portal will open that will bring a strong infusion of Light into the conflicted situation on the surface of this planet.

The Goddess wants peace/freedom so peace/freedom will come!

✿ ✿ In the next few days of your earthly time, there will once again occur a grand celestial event in your skies as major celestial bodies move into place to form a six pointed star. Another portal will once again open and bring with it a strong infusion of light onto this planet. This is the time that all of you will be able to fully, consciously and collectively connect yet again to the divine. Coupled with the energies that all of you have collected and have hibernated within your vessels for the last few weeks, the energy that will be unleashed onto GAIA will have tremendous power to break down the old systems and to transform all that stands in its way.

And so we ask that all of you, with all of you might and desire for change, connect to the divine and allow your bodies to become light anchors, pillars of light, through which the pure cosmic energies of love, peace, serenity, tranquility and understanding can pass through and into the very depths of your planet.

We ask that as this energy passes through you, for you to completely merge with the energies and to monitor your thoughts continuously for 3 days. One day prior to the portal, during the portal and the next day after the closing of the gates.

✿ ✿ VIOLET FLAMEYou shall become PURE channels of this energy, for all the darkness shall be transformed to light, doubts and fears into confidence and peace. Bear in mind that as this energy passes through you, and cleanses your very being, you may experience various energy fluctuations throughout the 3 day cycle. Please understand that this shall be a natural state, for your bodies will be transformed FOR THE DURATION OF 3 DAYS (24-26) – YOU SHALL BECOME PURE PILLARS OF LIGHT.

Your senses will heighten. Your vision will sharpen. Your hearing will significantly improve. Each word you utter will carry tremendous power within. Your thoughts will quickly manifest into your reality and so we ask all of you to be increasingly aware of these processes and to carefully monitor each and every thought, word and action, for you must think love, breathe love, BE LOVE. You must completely transform yourselves into pure VIOLET FLAME.

Allow the energies to permeate through your body and if you begin to feel anything but love, peace, tranquility and joy, simply shift your focus back to love and light. Remember to keep your thoughts positive, do not allow any negativity to seep through. Simply shift your focus and know that for these 3 days you are an immensely powerful being, carrying pure, crystalline consciousness of the universal truth within your vessel and delivering it to mother GAIA.

✿ ✿ And so on the 25th of your August you are to sit in a meditative state and imagine and see and feel and sense yourself to be a pure, pillar of violet flame. See yourself connecting with your crown chakra to the Source. Be sure to “imagine” that your link to The Source is completely protected in golden light as it travels down from The Source into your Crown chakra, going all the way down the center of your body and exiting your body through your base chakra and going all the way down to the very core of the earth. Sit still and breathe deeply in and out. With every breath that you take pull more and more violet flame through your crown chakra, down your body and out of your base chakra into the heart of the earth, from where it shall envelope the whole planet and be distributed to each and every soul that dwells therein. All the while feeling LOVE, COMPASSION, UNDERSTANDING, PURITY, TRUTH, JOY, CONFIDENCE, AND ETERNAL BLISS.

We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Pleiades High Council – Channeled by Anna Merkaba

✿ ✿ “On August 25th, 2013 (EST) we arrive to the ‘twin’ or second ‘Star Gateway’ also known in astrology as the Star of David aspect (or a Grand Sextile aspect). These star gateways are important opportunities for major shifts in Consciousness to to expand beyond fear-based limitations of the past. The energy is ripe and fertile with potential to embrace a greater union of Spirit and Matter or Heart and Mind and or Sacred Masculine and Feminine within the heart energy space.”

“It is wise to contemplate where we are now after the first initial gateway and shift and the experiences that have transpired since then. And then where we are headed while consciously utilizing the potential of this second auspicious energy.”

“With transiting Jupiter in Cancer just finishing up being a part of a powerfully intensified ‘T-square’ aspect with Uranus and Pluto, there has been major re-working and big transitions going on up until now. It’s like moving from densely packed energy to something old shattering, moving us into a wide open space thus there is room for new energy and possibilities to emerge within Consciousness on a individual and collective level.”

“We have been prepared to open and become ready to receive with effortlessness and grace now. Venus in Libra makes an Opposition to Uranus in Aries retrograde, while making a tense aspect to Pluto in Capricorn retrograde. This signifies a time where unrest, conflict and discord rises up to be cleansed and purged within individuals, relationships and groups and the collective. This Second Star Gateway includes the vibration of “Restoring Peace and Harmony.”

“This second gateway in Consciousness builds on the first which occurred on July 29th, 2013…It is a magnificent opportunity to activate ‘effortless manifestation’ seed of light within us and on the planet. Remember, there is earth element involved with this Twin Aspect Star Gateway on August 25th, 2013 and with that helps us bring the non-visible into the physical body and dimension.”

✿ ✿ Star TetrahedronIn sacred geometry, the six pointed star is known as Star Tetrahedron and Spiritually, it is called a Mer (rotating light) Ka (Soul or Spirit) (Ba) Physical Body. We have the opportunity to bring into greater alignment our body, mind, heart into relationship with Soul.

The Star of David, also known as the Seal of Solomon is an esoteric symbol. In India, the six pointed star has been associating with Shiva/Shakti interconnection or Divine Masculine/Feminine in harmony and union. When the triangles merge with each other to form the shape of a hexagon, it can be seen as a state of manifestation. Star of David is an unusual alignment that opens a gateway into Consciousness.

The “Star Gateway, Grand Sextile or Star of David aspect” begins building up 1 week prior to to and becomes exact on August 25th, 2013. On Eastern Standard Timezone, consider the energy building by 11:00 am EST as the Moon enters Taurus. — Check for your local day and time to be sure when it starts for you.

“From my perspective, when experiencing such major Astrological and energetic configurations, it is more about the entire experience than exact one moment or time since linear time really does not exist in higher dimensions…What is really important is our ‘intention.‘ That carries more weight since a clear intention directs our energy rather than worrying about the exact time of the aspect.”

✿ ✿ Astrological Point of view: Two Grand Trines form a Star of David Aspect as well as in total configuration a Grand Sextile aspect, and for the second time in Earth and Water elements.

1st Grand Trine: (Earth element)

  • Sun/Mercury in Virgo
  • Moon in Taurus
  • Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde

2nd Grand Trine: (Water element)

  • Jupiter in Cancer
  • Saturn in Scorpio
  • Chiron in Pisces retrograde /Neptune in Pisces retrograde

✿ ✿ “Since this is the second of the ‘Twin’ Star Gateways and equally as potent as the first, we want to bear in mind that it is helpful to consciously work with the potentials happening now. There may be a myriad of emotions and feelings surfacing now and some what having more space to emerge than before. I do sense there is potential for clarity too as old debris at this stage has been cleared.

“The union of sacred masculine and feminine energy is possible, even if it is to the next level or degree that is appropriate for each individual on their path.
“There is a strong possibility that ‘details’ slowly begin presenting themselves for new possibilities. The plan or stages begin to reveal themselves about how to take a ‘seed’ inspiration or idea and implement it to fruition with utmost fluidity.

“The harmony between Earth and Water is felt and experienced through feelings and sensations. There is wonderful opportunity for greater balance within the Sacred Feminine and Masculine through the heart energetic center. Imagine when these two energies are in harmony and peace with one another.

“We can feel the gratitude for the blessings being bestowed upon us now. It’s possible to see old symbolic seeds we planted long while back, slowly come into manifestation. We must remain in integrity and alignment and joining the August 25th will help each maintain this state of Consciousness to receive higher Spiritual Energy, beauty and harmony given forth from the Universe.”

© Copyright 2013 ~Dipali Desai

✿ ♥“Twin” Star of David Star Tetrahedron Merkaba August 25th 2013: Peace Portal~

On August 25th there will be the second “twin” Star of David or Star Tetahedron configuration.

What this offers us, should we choose to take it, is another opportunity to connect to our *heart* space and spend time in sacred space with a feeling of intentionality.

Time to active, which means time to tune in to our hearts and use our energetic power to hold space for peace, to embody peace through our actions, thoughts and words.

  • Anchor it.
  • Tune in.
  • Feel it.


Bring Spirit into Matter, light into form, through your intention, through your HEART. It is the Gateway.

And just know that you won’t be the only one doing this. Just know that I will be holding the space with you and many many other circles and communities and individual hearts all around the planet will be tuning in too.

Let’s call in/embody/feel the love and anchor in the balance of feminine and masculine energies.

As above so below.

So on this day, I encourage you to drop into your heart space and send out a beam of love, a beam of peace, a beam of light with intentionality for the good of all.

I am aware of several visualizations for peace going around, and many groups gathering on this day. Some are trying to go “viral” suggesting specific visualizations at specific times. As always I encourage to just take/use what resonates with YOU. Create your own moment.

Remember it’s not the words, it’s the feeling, so just access your own heart and tune in!

Let’s each in our own unique way hold a space for Peace on the planet!
(Mystic Mamma)

Sending Love to you All, Shirlee Hall 



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